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   The first export batch of the new Chinese Wing Loong II attack unmanned aerial vehicle is at the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (part of AVIC Aviation Industry Corporation) in Chengdu.

   The difference between the second modification of the drone and the first was a large takeoff weight (4,200 versus 1,100 kg), a wingspan (20.5 versus 14 meters), the length of the fuselage (11 versus 9.05 meters), height (4.1 versus 2.7 meters), maximum flight altitude (9,000 versus 5,000 meters) as well as flight duration (32 versus 20 hours) and maximum flight speed (340 versus 280 km / h). Where the drones are exported is not reported.



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Higher efficiency at the cost of thrust. It seems to indicate optimisation for long duration, level flight.


   A photo of a new Chinese reconnaissance mini-helicopter drone has been released.

  It is reported that system includes a docking station for two drones (it also protects them during carrying), as well as a handheld remote control with a touchscreen and controller. The drone is equipped with an HD-resolution daytime video camera and a thermal imager.


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