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Tank Layout

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It depends on what you want to achieve but the rule is the following : when heavy load must be carried, use track drive train. 

It more compact by a 1/3.


Considering just the weight, if you want to put Leclerc MBT on wheels, you will have 6 more tons. Abrams or Leopard will be higher by 2t. I don’t want to think about Challenger 2 or Merkava Mk4.

And I don’t think about cross country capability. 

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If you guys don't mind, I'd like to revive an old debate about which layout would be the best for the next generation of MBTs.


What I had in mind is an MBT that necessarily places its crew, inside a protected capsule, at the very rear of the vehicle.

What this gives them is a rear access door through which they can escape, rather than try to escape through the top hatches or a floor escape hatch. This, in order to both improve mine protection and allow more comfortable operation when the tank is stationed in a ready hull-down position.

What's left of this is to locate the powerpack and the turret. Since a forward placed turret may be problematic to handle in almost any type of terrain or combat area, it'd be best to put the engine at the front and the turret in the middle.

The batteries for the engine would be located all across a double V floor (between the two floors) to save space and keep the engine bay as small as possible.


@Xoon, you're the top authority on making neat sketches. What's your take on this?

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