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The Collective Resource Thread

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AKA The "Bitch About The Price of Books" thread.

Some resources - books especially - did not stay in print for very long, or are so highly desired that they have totally unreasonable price tags. The below books, from my Amazon wish list, are great examples:

The M16 Controversies - $349.45


The Guns of Dagenham - $450.00


The Bren Gun Saga - $500.00


The Grand Old Lady of No Man's Land: The Vickers Machine Gun - $547.20


EM-2 Concept & Design: a rifle ahead of its time - $684.23


This One Copy of Complete Guide to Handloading - $1,788.00

So this thread is to connect those who have books or resources that may be costly or hard to get to with those who need those resources. It may be too expensive for everyone to drop five hundred bucks, but that's what the Internet is for.



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