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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

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   The Sudanese At-Tayyar newspaper, citing the words of the Sudan’s Rapid Support Force Commander, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, said that 10,000 Sudanese troops have been withdrawn from Yemen in recent months. AP, citing two senior Sudanese officials, confirms the withdrawal, but does not give an exact number of troops withdrawn. It is stated that up to several thousand Sudanese troops will remain in Yemen to train forces supported by the Saudi coalition of President Hadi. Well, it’s interesting that according to Sudanese officials, at its peak in the 2016–2017 war in Yemen, the number of Sudanese troops was more than 40,000!


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   Yemeni Houthis published a raid video on the position of the army of Sudan on October 30. In the Hajj province bordering Saudi Arabia, more than a dozen Sudanese soldiers were killed, 5 were captured. Houthis managed to destroy the BTR-70MB1.














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