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"Pigs" Have A Hard Job

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So a scumbag on the run from the law broke into my mom's cousin's house in Federal Way, Wash. a couple days ago, hunkered down, and got into a stand-off/shoot-out that left him dead.






Looking at the dude, he seems a real winner.


Basically four folks are now homeless and insurance might not be able to cover all the damages. The good news is no one was in the house when the subject broke in - other than a cat which made it out alive because it's a cat. 


Officers had to tear apart the house since the suspect holed up in a crawl space. 


Not what Cousin Hocking needs. He's the father of my second cousin Brandon who was killed in Iraq several years ago. Apparently the flag box and some other items from his remembrance shrine were damaged but salvageable.





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These guys are featured earlier on the Sovereign Citizen thread as I recall. And if the cops emptied a couple of rounds into ski mask guy and his cameraman, no one would have batted an eye. Whether it's White Privilege or the professionalism of the cops, those retards are lucky to be alive.


As for Open Carry of rifles, walking in to a cop station with your AR in a tactical sling draped down the front of your chest where you are fiddling with it with your hands would be considered "brandishing" in my state, especially when you are carrying said weapon to "prove a point", as those chalk dust eaters demonstrated by recording themselves.


Open Carry of long guns is stupid, but if one must do it, say you're at a political protest, it should be slung on your back/shoulder with the mag out or some sort of tag or zip-tie in the breech. And no, it shouldn't be a law. It should be common fucking sense on the part of the gun owner.                            

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