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Woomerang Ballistic Missile Testing Range, North Kerbistan, 1965



HGM-25 Titan I undergoing sub orbital testing. Warhead reached target area in the polar region.



SM-75A Thor moments after liftoff.



Extensively modified HGM-25 Titan I. Third stage added with additional fins following a few launch accidents. This was the result of a desperate need to perform Munar and Minmus satellite missions. A modified Atlas wasn't quite the rocket for the job. This thing has a staggering 7,600 m/s of Delta V, twice that of a Titan I carrying a Mun/Minmus Payload, and considerably more than a Titan II with a Gemini spacecraft. It also looks rad as fuck.


I used the BlueDog Design Bureau pack, which has a pretty comprehensive collection of US rockets, probes, and spacecraft from the 1950s-70s.

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The Sovetsky Kerbania, my newest cruiser designed to provide logistical and long range support to Kulako and Kerbinov





Vertical Launch System







One of the two Goliath Class Heavy Mining Landers.




Nose Mounted R-7 escape system.



The 9MN of thrust that will accelerate this 2880 ton vessel.





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I decided that bigger rockets are impractical from a game engine stand point, on account of the fact that I am getting at best 1 fps with my larger vessels. This lead me to building half scale versions of my larger cruisers. Undoubtedly, this will eventually result in me using the full scale ones as a mother ship for the half scale ones.









Katyusha and Kulaco rendezvous.




Kulaco is 916 tons, ~12,375 delta v, and ~3m/s^2 acceleration while Katyusha is 255 tons, ~11,000 delta v, and ~5.3m/s^2 acceleration.



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Did my first interplanetary mission today!



The first image is of the spacecraft shortly after arriving in Eve's sphere of influence. JJ Abrams lensflare shot of the Mothership, Aphrodite. It's heavily inspired by the Apollo Applications Program manned Venus flyby vessel. Mine has an added habitation module, and a lander slung under the vessel.

Arethusa on the surface of Gilly. This...wasn't really needed other than to gather some science off this one biome. Mission was accomplished though!



Rendezvous was a bit tricky. I had the pilot jump and fly over on an EVA pack. The lander served it's purpose anyway.



MechJeb went screwy and said I had way less fuel than I thought I did. I ditched the habitation module to gain some extra DeltaV.




Beauty shot of Ishtar after a successful Kerbin capture.


The mothership was claimed by the Kraken on the way back from Eve. She's adrift somewhere over Kerbin. No fuel or power. No doubt a later project for me.

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Kulaco and Katya docked, giving a better size comparison between the two.


Katya has some upgrades over Katyusha, mainly the RCS system and a wider selection of docking collar options.




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26 minutes ago, Collimatrix said:

I read "RCS" and parsed it as "radar cross section" at first and I wondered what in the fuck mods you have installed.


Funny that you mention that, the BD armory expansion does have a "radar cross section" analysis tool. Obviously, KSP does not simulate radar returns off of spacecraft, but even something very basic (and horrendously wrong) is a neat step towards making stealth space ships.

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Today in KSP "What if Land"


I put up my first permanent Space Station (on this playthrough), Skylab. For fun, I took some inspiration from the actual Skylab B and docked a Soyuz. Alas, Skylab B never flew, but it can be seen (and walked though) at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. 



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Everything broke in KSP! So today I have a montage of effecting repairs.


An Apollo Block V Delivers a habitation and secondary solar generation plant to Skylab. Station wigged out and pointed the wrong direction, and in the process lost all power.



Maiden Flight of Big G on a Saturn Multibody. The Big G is serving as a rescue vessel for stranded Kerbonauts. In this particular case a CSM's heat shield exploded, annihilating the service module and sending the command module spinning out of control.



The crew of the destroyed Apollo craft, plus a KSAF Space Rescueman.



All of my missions were successful, although I'm left wondering what I did to provoke the Kraken....

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NATO Gemini Missions, 1964


RAF Gemini being launched by a Blue Streak and a USAF Gemini Titan II.


The Blue Streak in the Commonwealth Rockets pack is a weirdly beefy rocket. Although I had to beef it up with an upper stage that's a Titan engine mated to some Blue Streak fuel tanks. It's kind of cheese, but it make for some interesting screenshots.

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