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Russia to renew Tu-160 Production?

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The new Tu-160 began flight tests


   According to our blog information, in the last days of 2017 in Kazan made the first flight completed by construction at the Kazan Aviation Plant named after PS. Gorbunov PJSC "Tupolev" for VCS of Russia strategic bomber Tu-160 with serial number 08-04 (own name "Peter Deinekin"). The plane was completed from the Soviet reserve and rolled out on November 16, 2017.


   On January 24, 2018, the TASS agency confirmed the start of the flight tests of the Tu-160 aircraft with serial number 08-04, although with reference to the "source in the Russian defense industry complex" claiming that the aircraft "took off for the first time last week."

   Also, the TASS said that the new aircraft is not an experimental model of the modernized version of the bomber. "Only a small modernization was carried out on the plane, the glider and engines remained the same. Fully digitized documentation for the new missile carrier will be released not earlier than the middle of this year, and without it, the construction of the Tu-160M is impossible."

   On the bmpd side, we point out that the new Tu-160 with serial number 08-04 became the 35th unit of the Tu-160 (including flight prototypes), built in 1981.


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   It is reported that on January 25, 2018, the Ministry of Defense of Russia and PJSC "Tupolev" signed a contract for the delivery of the first ten modernized strategic bombers Tu-160M2 of new construction. The cost of the contract is, according to known data, 160 billion rubles, the contract is calculated until 2027. The signing ceremony took place at the Kazan Aviation Plant named after S.P. Gorbunova PJSC "Tupolev" in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The document was signed by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov and the head of United Aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar.


   Demonstration flight of the modernized strategic bomber Tu-160 with serial number 08-04 (named "Petr Deinekin") at the aerodrome of the Kazan Aviation Plant named after P.S. Gorbunov PJSC "Tupolev". Kazan, January 25, 2013 (c) PJSC "Tupolev"



   As the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Yuri Borisov stated earlier, the Ministry of Defense plans to purchase 50 Tu-160M2 aircraft by 2035. Thus, the total cost of the program, taking into account R & D and the cost of renewal of production capacity (this is 37 billion rubles), could amount to more than 900 billion rubles. The beginning of deliveries of serial Tu-160M2 aircraft of the Kazan Aviation Plant (KAZ) is scheduled for 2023.

   Russian President Vladimir Putin was also present in Kazan at the demonstration flight of the new modernized strategic missile carrier Tu-160, completed by construction at the KAZ in 2017 from the Soviet reserve. As already reported, this board with serial number 08-04 (its own name "Peter Deinekin") made the first flight in late December 2017.






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"Tupolev" announced the beginning of construction of the first "strategist" Tu-160M2



   Tupolev began construction of the first strategic missile carrier Tu-160M2, the company's CEO Alexander Konyukhov told Interfax.

"The first plane in the shape of the Tu-160M2 is already being built," said Konyukhov.

   He explained that "Tu-160M2 - this is a fresh glider, a completely new aircraft, and Tu-160M is the modernization of aircraft in the service."

   According to the head of Tupolev, flight tests of the newest modification of the strategic missile carrier Tu-160M2 will be carried out in parallel with the tests of the Tu-160M.

   "Tu-160M will be released for flight tests in 2019, and will complete them in 2021," said Konyukhov.


"In parallel, we are developing new airborne weapons, and we can not compare the Tu-160 with Kh-55, Kh-550, even Kh-101 missiles with the aircraft we hope to get in production by the 2030s with new airborne weapons, which will have completely different ranges, " Borisov emphasized.



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