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The Body Armor Thread

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Isn't 10 close range shots of 7.62x54r AP a bit much for individual body armour? There's only a 1 in 3 chance that they all missed the exposed bits at that point, and realistically how often is it needed?

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I suspect that the test was intended to check for degradation issues.  My body armor issued to me in 2003 did not certify IV after the first impact as the ceramic plates would get obliterated.  It was issued to me after I passed active shooter.  My armor was 9 kilos, the helmet was 1.5, all of it would stop the first couple of 7.62, but after that all bets were off.  Of course that armor listed is full-out combat armor, and mine was law enforcement issue that had to strip down for street use.  

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One failed project mentioned, the "creeper tank", I cannot find any other information on.

These should give you the general idea.







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US Army to test silk made by Bioengineered silkworms with spider DNA for body armor.




"Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc., based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently received a contract potentially worth $1 million from the service to “deliver ballistic shoot packs constructed from its proprietary Dragon Silk material for performance testing,” according to a press release from the company"


Then there is this gem from that article:


"The Defense Department’s Trauma Registry reported that 1,378 male service members incurred injuries to the genitals and other parts of the genitourinary tract between 2001 and 2013 while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of 965 cases examined, 65 had severe injury to the penis or amputation, Dr. Jean Orman of the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research and the Joint Trauma System reported in December 2014 at the Bob Woodruff Foundation."


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On 17.04.2017 at 2:09 PM, LoooSeR said:

1st, 3rd and 4th on this photo have armor protection of sides of legs. Never seen such before. SSO in Syria, screengrab from PR video.



Looks like this is GearCraft piece of equipment.


This is a kit.
There's a belt, a groin protection and two platforms.
And ass cover, almost 2 times bigger than groin protection.
Strange story with those belts.
When they came up with it, I thought that this was a small group of people that wanted it.
Then I learned that the idea was originally from a fairly respected person.
As a result, more than 100 sets were taken only there [Syria].
Now other structures also want those kits.
I thought it would be some sort of a single order, and than - the end, but now they want them.
Maybe will add it on the site.


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