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Not so fast you Zoomie bastards...

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1 minute ago, Bronezhilet said:

Bitch please your aid is drone strikes


Only like, 1/10th of the time.  The trick is to get foreign countries completely dependent, and then out of the blue for no reason at all slaughter them.  It's a lot like raising and butchering lambs.

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48 minutes ago, Toxn said:


One of my buddies from high school was stationed in Djibouti, so yeah. I'm aware.


A lot of USians would love nothing more than the kind of isolationist foreign policy you suggest. However, I am not sure I see the wisdom in pulling out of the world. It's not like it went so well when we tried it with just Iraq.

Criticisms of our foreign policy in terms of how we handle being engaged - fully valid. I am not sure I buy the "the US is destroying a country every year, so eventually it will destroy all countries on Earth!" bit, though. First, in each case it's not like we're the only guys to blame. Most, if not all, of those regions were headed towards or already in chaos before we got there. Second, yes, we've had a spat of absolutely incompetent foreign policy, but we'll get over it, probably. Third, what's whining about our budget going to do? If we want to eat you alive we will. That's kinda the perk of being the sole superpower. Don't let it keep you up at night.

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