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1 hour ago, LostCosmonaut said:


Overclocking your computer on air: small brain

overclocking on water: larger brain

overclocking on liquid nitrogen: larger brain

waiting until the heat death of the universe to cool your computer: biggest brain

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Just looking real quick, it looks like there were some attempts to turbocharge the DB 605/603/601 engines, along with the Jumo 222, but they don't appear to have ever gone anywhere. I'm guessing Germany would have had severe difficulty producing turbocharged engines due to a lack of materials (similar to the issues their jet engines had).

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Evolution of Air Target Warheads

This is a very good, very accessible article about improvements in the warheads of air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles.  Executive summary: the warheads have gotten a lot better.  There have been five generational improvements in air target warhead technology, and this article gives a pretty good rundown on how they all work.  This also suggests that future air to air missiles could be a lot smaller in the future, since they could heft smaller warheads while retaining the same lethality.  This may give some insight into the thinking behind the Lockheed Martin CUDA.

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