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How dry are youall willing to go?

I've a bunch of stuff, but it's pretty obscure. Things like maintenance training manuals for the J-47, and "USCG aircrew ditching procedures".


I have a very large scanner, but it's a cantankerous old bitch. So if nobody is interested in obscure shit I'll let it go.

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7 minutes ago, Meplat said:

How dry are youall willing to go?

I've a bunch of stuff, but it's pretty obscure. Things like maintenance training manuals for the J-47, and "USCG aircrew ditching procedures".


I have a very large scanner, but it's a cantankerous old bitch. So if nobody is interested in obscure shit I'll let it go.



I'd download and read it!

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3 minutes ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:



I'd download and read it!

Well, just dug out the old bitch, and I'd forgotten it's a SCSI interface.

Other than being fuckhuge, (and good for the manuals I have) it's an antique (HP ScanJet 4P) with shitty resolution (300X300).

I'll have to get something better.  Sorry for the false flag.

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Coalition Air Warfare in the Korean War

The US Navy's Transition to Jets

The Perception of the P-16 in the US

Energy Efficiency of Sea and Air Vehicles

Do Joint Fighter Programs Save Money?



Our analysis shows that historical joint aircraft programs have

not saved overall LCC versus single-service aircraft programs and that

JSF is currently not on the path to saving LCC versus comparable

notional single-service fighter programs. The objective of this research

was to inform the formulation of acquisition strategies and program

structures for future fighter and other aircraft major defense acquisition programs.

These findings do not, therefore, directly address policy

questions regarding the current or future status of JSF. However, they

can provide insight into how and why JSF has arrived at its current

status with respect to cost and cost growth, and they could contribute

to broader analysis seeking to develop policy options for the way ahead

for the JSF program.


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   Catalogue of Chinese AA systems in PDF. Systems are produced by CASC (China Aerospace Science и Technology Corporation) and sold for export by Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co. Ltd.


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Molnibalage make several really good booklets about the air defence systems, here I try to cover them all:

S-75 family
S-200 family
S-300 family
IADS / GCI systems of the Cold War
Nike family and BOMARC
Air defense at the XXI. century
S-125 vs. F-117
2K11 Krug
2K12 Kub
9K33 Osa
9K331 Tor
9K37M1 Buk

9K81 / 9K81M aka S-300V / VM

9K35 Strela-10
2K22M Tunguska
ZU-23-4 Shilka

Download directory:

Download Directory @ Mediafire

This is the translation of the long Hungarian book what Molnibalage made in cooperation with other guys for ex. with Hpaps, he is well known for the SamSim.
This is the whole, in Hungarian: click here

Because these chapters (booklets) just a part of a big book are some parts in the document which refer to content of the book in other chapters. Slowly the whole book will be translated, but it could take years to finish it.

Have a good reading!  ;)

Edited by Cifu
Added Strela-10, Tunguska and Shilka @ 2019

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32 minutes ago, LoooSeR said:

Pages of Unflown Wings, some of them are drug-fueled creations for sure.

This one looks kinda neat.





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      There's a shitload of real estate in the solar system, and we don't know much about most of it. What unmanned probes would you like to see built to learn more about the planets and other objects?
      My first choice is an Enceladus orbiter/lander; it's one of the best candidates for extraterrestial life, has confirmed cryovolcanism, and organics have been found near it. Plus, any mission you send there can get some bonus science of Titan and other cool places in the Saturn system.
      I also like FOCAL, just for the sheer audacity of it.
    • By SuperComrade
      Or if you can read Russian (lots of pop up ads)

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