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WoT v WT effort-thread

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Gaijin seems to be running their anniversary sale thing, so stuff's 50% off.  I've got 4720 gold left on my account with no intention to buy more, so I'm wondering if I should put that towards the T114 for 4010ge, or get the American Grant for 1000ge and left the rest to spend elsewhere.


Anyone have any experience with the T114?

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The T114 is a meme mobile, that's about it. It can be nasty, but it can't carry. Plus side, you get to run it in a completely baller 6.7 American line up, and it doesn't care about facing 7.7s. In my opinion, it would come down to what BR you play at more.


I haven't driven T114s, but I've killed plenty, and I've only been killed by them a handful of times. They are great ambush vehicles. If you already have the T29, M26E1, and Super Hellcat, then yeah, go for it.

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So I tried some WT tanks again after a long break and that part of the game is now practically unplayable now for me.  I don't know what changed between the last time I played and now, but steering feels like I've always got at least 500ms ping, if not more.  There's no such thing as making minor adjustments to the way I'm heading, the quickest tap I can put on my A or D key is still going to put me in a turn for almost half a second.  Steering armored cars is bad enough as it is, but trying to play it while not being able to turn less than 45° in a turn is just disgusting.


I've done multiple battles in various vehicles to make sure it's not just some specific vehicle, but it's something with the game itself right now.  Whether I'm on the NA server with 50ms ping and no packet loss or the EU one with 120ms, I still get the same problem.


I passed on the T114 as well since I prefer stuff at tier 3 and lower, so I really don't want to dump all of my GE on a tier 4 meme.

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