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Brick Fight

Food and Putting it in Our Faces

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Tonight's midnight post work snack. 12 grain bread toasted with harissa aioli, 6 slices of bacon, cheddar,3 slices of  ham, more cheddar, 3 slices of smoked turkey, campari tomatos, more harrisa aioli and then another slice of 12 grain toast.




Edit: With a couple of beers to go with, of course.


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When winter comes to Scotland and we bring in the roads for the long dark, my mother likes to celebrate having the family together by preparing pigs-in-a-blanket, crackling roast lamb with mint sauce, and Brussels sprouts with a coating of melted cheese and crispy bacon bits. The mere fact that she has converted me into a believer in Brussels sprouts is testament to her culinary wizardry. She's like the Hermione of making things I thought I hated taste amazing.


Back in Hong Kong, we used to get up on weekends and walk down the road to the local eatery that served a breakfast of boiled white rice, char siu (ancient Chinese wisdom pork) and a fried egg plonked on top, with a dash of soy sauce. You broke the yolk of the egg, mixed the whole concoction together and spooned it down your gullet with gusto. After that breakfast of champions, you felt like you could invade Japan.


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