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Bash the F-35 thred.

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When is the failing F-35 finally gonna die!? SAD! Just another low energy country buying into crooked Lockheed!?/s








I cant wait for more stupid comments but now in german.

Already read again the MUH Silent Eagle! Muh Super Super Hornet²!
Yeah sure who is going to finance the production run for probably less than 200 and the risk of a never fielded fiction aircraft.
While you can have a Aircraft that is already seeing operations and is being produced in the 1000s. And with over 200 already produced.
But thats the price for not developing a new aircraft in 25 years.
I hope the FCAS will atleast be a step forward for 2030++.

Because otherwise the selection of aircraft would be pretty boring in the west in the next 20 years.


Also can anyone explain to me the Partner Level System?
Is this like access to Technology? Or ability to change the design?

Which Level would Germany get

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The Arabs are getting turned on by the turkey F-35:



The United Arab Emirates Air Force will undergo a restructuring, guided in part by plans to buy two squadrans of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.


Everyone's favourite country is also interested:


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also seeking to procure the F-35 jets, and talks are making an important progress, as stated by officials who refused to be named.


Death spirals and all that.

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On 11/13/2017 at 3:51 PM, Collimatrix said:

Interesting, especially in light of the news a few months ago that the UAE and Russia were looking at co-producing a new fighter.



What could possibly go go wrong? Ask India.


To be fair, that's not really a fair question since you could apply that to literally every "modern" weapons system known to man.

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