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I wouldn't recomend the M26 kit to someone new to building tank models, but I got more pleasure building it, than frustration from the fit issues. 


If I recall right, and of course, photobucket ate these, but I may have the originals... the gun fit was loose enough it always pointed down, there were some easy fixes for this, all pretty minor. 


The was, the hull had inserts, that acted as a hull reinforcement and engine compartment detail, and one was warped, so getting the suspension was a bit of a pain. The detail was very good, and it came with complete powerpack and a bit of photoetch to spruce the engine compartment up.  



You can see how I solved it, if i had to do it again I would heat it up and just bend it back true before gluing... 




This has the Shell on the right is the Hobbyboss, the left is the terrible old dragon kit, and the middle is the very nice, but low detail Tamiya M26.  That was probably the best looking tank kit I ever built. 

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5 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:



3 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Classy.....Love your use of filters & pigments, panzergrau's a bastard to make interesting, but you've done a fine job there. 



Agreed save that goddamn headlamp. What a distraction. Sad modelmakers have not figured it out yet. 

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On 10/22/2017 at 10:15 PM, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

There is a 1/72 USS Enterprise in the Air and Space museum. 


A friend of mine took these while there a few years ago.  Seems like a million damn years though. 









Somewhere I have the FSM article on this masterpiece.

It is amazing.

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That's the Dragon M4A2 Pacific version. I'm basically done, except the Bronco tracks that I bought for it are fucking awful. I gave up before I even finished one side. I'm slapping the first set of AFVClub tracks on this thing that I find, historically accurate or not. 

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