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This is a Revell Kfz 251/1 Rocket Launcher in 1:35th scale.










Overall, it's a rather disappointing kit. Remember that Rocket Launcher bit in the title? See how there isn't a rocket launcher? Well that's because the frame with the rockets doesn't fit over the hull of the halftrack. At all. Unfortunately, this is something I only learned after assembling and painting the damn things. Maybe I'll get some use out of them in a diorama or something.


The halftrack itself isn't amazing either. The tracks are rubber and way too short, as they stretch noticeably to accommodate the running gear. Considering that the interior is completely open, you'd think there would be a tad more detail, but the entire rear portion only has the benches and some kind of crate in the center. The viewports are molded solid with the hull and cannot be assembled in the open position, nor is there any viewport detail on the inside of the hull. The driver's station, on the other hand, is decently detailed, with a control panel and some levers. A driver's figure is also included, but you can really only see his back once assembled since, you know, no viewports. 


The kit also includes two other figures, but the quality is so hilariously bad that I didn't bother with them. The accessories are also hilariously bad, especially the weapons. If I had to guess, whoever designed them has never actually seen a German WWII era gun and only read a description. The MP40s look more like Grease Guns, the MG42s look more like Brownings, and the G43s (at least I think it's supposed to be G43s) look like nothing I've ever seen. I replaced the MGs on the halftrack with ones from a Tamiya kit so it didn't look too awful.


But hey, at least the wheels spin and turn and the rear doors open, with the downside that they don't line up when they close.

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More fascism:


Here's another kit that I just got around to photographing, an Otaki Tiger. From the looks of it, the company mostly did planes, and I can only find one mention online of the Tiger kit ever existing.

The kit either used to be motorized or is based on one that was motorized, since it comes with metal axles for the drive wheels and idlers, as well as rubber inserts for the road wheels. The old rubber tracks have shattered into tiny pieces, so I used Academy tracks. As always, Academy didn't give that many spares, not even enough to fill out the front set. Boo, Academy, boo. I had to use the few inferior quality track links that came with the kit. There is no interior detail whatsoever, including the insides of hatches, even though you could make the radio operator and driver hatches openable for some reason.

Since it wasn't a particularly valuable kit, I decided to give homemade Zimmerit another go.


And here's how it turned out!




This charging knight decal is absolutely kickass. I have no idea what unit it belongs to, but I used it just because.



Gotta dump a bunch of stuff on the engine deck! This kit comes with the Jerry cans as well as other accessories, the helmets and satchel are from other kits. The ammunition boxes are Verlinden resin.

Family photo!


Overall it's not a super impressive kit, but the parts went well together. Definitely better than the Idea one I used for my diorama, even though they modeled the gun breech. My only complaint is that the front axle is a little too long, so the tracks turned out weird. Mysteriously, the kit comes with an AA mount, but no machinegun to put in it. The decals are rather minimalist, the charging knights, three numbers (two small ones and a big one, presumably for the rear of the turret) and two crosses. The decals in the kit wouldn't stick over the Zimmerit, so I had to use some other ones from my spares box.

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Ok EE, I got through all the junk. 

One Tamiya Cobblestone sheet. 


New in box  Acedemt Tank Supplies Set II


Aedemy US Machine gun set new in box


Academy Allied and German tank Supplies Set 1, new in box


New in box AFV Club M60 tracks


A few weapons missing Vietnam War infantry Weapons


New complete Modert Infantry Support weapons


One semi complete wreck of an M26 by dragon, I have the tracks for it, they are single shoe glue together type, but I dont think all the tool boxes and stuff are still in there. 



One more or less built, was a my best work before cats and getting dropped messed it up, Tamiya M26, all the parts are there to fix this, you could even use parts from the dragon kit if needed. 



Dragon Tiger Smart kit mostly done, but it got dropped. All parts more or less present, and could still be turned into a nice looking model 



I set of new in box T51 Sherman tracks for the M4A1 coming next.


M4A1 early DV hull fantasitc kit complete minus the tracks that came with the kit.


Metal gun barrel for it


some parts off sprue, but confirmed all in box. 



M4A2 75 late, about 60% done, this kit has a cupola that could be used on the other M4A2 76w tank that seems to be missing it. 





I do not have tracks for this tank.  The kit is complete other than that

This is the other M4A2 76w, basically 90% complete



M4A1 76W 90% complete, tracks, kinda, not sure if all the shoes are still in the boxes. Complete other than some detail bits and the tracks



US Stencils


Some photo etch and brass antenna bases


M1A1 spare barrel and some tiger photo etch


Hingle and handle tool


Brit Paratroopers







The above images are all from the  IC hybrid Firefly kit complete, but without instructions, but with a very nice metal barrel.

Then I have a few ziplock bags of spare Sherman parts I forgot to take pics of 

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Italeri Chaffee with Verlinden resin and PE. First time I built something with such a fancy add-on kit, and I gotta say, it's pretty disappointing. I didn't have to pay extra for it though, so whatever.






oooh more pics of the Sherman!!

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Nice stuff, I'll take it all except for the 'nam accessories and modern stuff. Also I guess send me whichever is the best Pershing with the parts to finish it, don't really need more than one.

Here are the Sherman pictures: http://earlesspierre.livejournal.com/25832.html

As a bonus you get to see my Tamiya infantry and a shitty Monogram/Revell 1:32 scale Sherman. Also looking back on those photos, I can see just how badly the cleaners fucked it up when I brought it to work. I need more resilient models in the future...

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