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Wait... He is comparing the fact that the Arjun apparently has an exterior phone for infantry like it's fucking 1950 Korea and brushing off the fact that the US has - you know - radios and computers incorporated into a land warrior communication program showing users the location of friendliest and badguys which are simultaneously up linked to air, artillery and headquarters assets?

Abrams doesn't have a phone?  Hey blacktail, what the fuck is this then?



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Or the fact that he rates a manual transmission better than an automatic.


How would he rate chieftain's transmission?  It's got a manual gear selector, but the guts of an automatic?  Or what about various German designs which had manual transmission guts that are shifted automatically?

Or is there any indication that Blacktail knows that automatic and manual transmissions work completely differently?

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I imagine the odds of him knowing are about the same odds of India actually developing a weapons systems that's both half decent and actually functional at the same time. (or, hell, even one of those.)

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This thread is now the third google result for "Blacktaildefense," and fourth if you search "Blacktail defense."  Truly, my plan to harvest e-fame from lunatics with inflammatory forum postings is going well.  Soon, innocent people who just wanted to learn a thing or two about tanks will read my evil writ, and my plans can enter Phase Two.



We are moving on up!  According to a search I did today, this thread comes up second in google when looking for "Blacktail Defense" or "Blacktaildefense."  


Has anyone mentioned yet that Blacktaildefense makes his own furry porn

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Yeah, well known that he does.


When he mentions he hasn't had what can laughably be called a "video" recently due to being busy, one can only wonder what twisted fucking shit he was doing that made him so busy.

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I blame y'all for getting me to Google Blacktaildefense:




+1 to whomever manages to read all that without getting brain damage.

The best part is that he has put in so much effort to refute an article written in 1992.  

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I had to reread the opening post to this thread, to remember if BWD was as absolutely unabashedly and un-fucking-beliveably batshit as I remember.


I am posting to indicate that my memory is still clear on the matter. "Utterly Bonkers".

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It seems we aren't the only ones taking a piss at BTD.




Joint project between Giganaut heavy industries and Blacktail Defense to create the perfect american APC for tomorrow's warfare. to replace ALL equipment of american military, air land and sea! even the infantry's grenades!

introducing the  M1 ABRAMS APC! 
here are the key points:
- it can carry alot of personnel! (eat your heart out M114! )
- has tracks and wheel system! (best of both worlds for heavy load carrying and fast turning!)
- it has F-35 wings! so you know it DOES go fast!
- Osprey engines! (MORE FASTER!) 
- MURICA CAMO! (so only TRUE PATROITS can see where the tanks are hidden!) 
- equipped with deployable growlers! (one on the back deck and one spare duct taped to the food trailer) and tactical segways!
- it breaks its speed record of 45 mp/h! 
- proven during the gulf wear so it is a good IFV/APC/TONK so it will replace all the shermans in service!
- driven by underpaid and disgruntled postal workers!
- it has WMD detection scanners! (another acronym would be o.i.l. which means Obviously Illegal Lemons)

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    • By Monochromelody
      Some of you may have seen this pic recently on WT forum, in some thread arguing the protection of JGSDF Type 90: 
      Discussion on WT forum

      To be straight, the Chinese annotation in the table said it is just a GUESSING.
      This annotation could be totally nonsense but unfortunately a barrier between languages prevent you guys see throught it. 
      In fact, again, this document itself is about JGSDF Type 10 MBT, not Type 90.
      Same trick, different people, huh?

      JGSDF specification handbook of Type 10 MBT

      page 59, Appendix B, performance (regulations) and data
      Let's talk about these regulations and how they were made and encrypted. 
      You may know that Japanese have Hirakana and Katakana, like Latin have letters and capital letters. 
      As you can see, some of the most crucial numbers and descriptions are covered by a Hirakana or Katakana or Romaji(Latin letters).
      These numbers and descriptions were collected and listed in some append book, called Bessatsu(別冊). 
      When you look up to the append book, just like viewing the answer sheet of an exam paper. But when numbers and descriptions were censored, you'll never know what it said. 
      For example, the frontal protection: 
      “耐弾性 - 正面 - 正面要部は、【あ】に射距離【え】m相当存速において、貫徹されない。”
      耐弹性 - 正面 - 正面重要部位可抵御【あ】以相当于射击距离【え】米存速的射击,不会贯穿。
      It read like this: 
      Protection - Frontal - Frontal crucial part should withstand 【あ】 firing at a distance of 【え】meter speed reduce equivalent, and not penetrate. 
      【あ】stands for certain type of ammunition, probably APFSDS, but don't know whether it is production shot or experimental.
      【え】stands for certain firing distance, could be 1000 , 1500 or 2000 (meters), but on such a long distance, shot could be effect by wind and gravity, thus cannot aim on the protection area of target vehicle precisely.
      The usual solution is to fire from a much closer range, from 200 to 550 meters, while reducing the propellant charge so that the end speed of AP shot could match the speed drop on certain distance. This is an equivalant method. 
      Some people argue that Type 90 MBT can withstand AP shot (JM33) firing from another Type 90 MBT, on a distance about 250 meters. The source of this statement came from an unknown video clip, which they have never seen. Firing on closer range is for better aim, and they could have use reduced charge to simulate a much longer range, but we cannot prove. 
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      Part 5 of a multi-part series. This one's got the goods.

      Sherman and firefly.

      Early crusader.

      Early Valentine. The British really went through a phase where they slapped 2 pounders onto everything.



      Holy ghost.

      Comet, aka Hipster Centurion.

      Centurion, aka The entire History of South African tanks post-WW2.

      T-shirt cannon Churchill.

      Combat engineers get no respect.

      This thing is tiny and has an insane steering system.

      Somehow this thing is even smaller. Those twin barrels are for a flamethrower of some sort, because the Italians were world-class optimists.
    • By Jamby
      Sooooo...after doing a site-wide search and perusing Google, I'm surprised not to have found anything about tank suspension, other than a somewhat doubtful thread on the WoT forums. Would my learned colleagues of SH be able to assist me in understanding and identifying the different types of tank suspension? I think I've got leaf-spring more or less mastered, as well as both VVSS and HVSS (thanks, JGT!) but was somewhat embarrassed not to be able to differentiate between the suspension of a Type 97 Chi-Ha and an FV4201 Chieftain.
      UPDATE: I think I understand tank suspension better now. Thanks, everyone!