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Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

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The prototype of the armored car "Warta Novator" on the chassis of the Ford F-550, presented by the "Ukrainian armored vehicles" LLC for the National Guard of Ukraine. Kyiv, 15.12.2017 (с) uprom.info




   According to Ukrainian media, on Dec. 15, 2017, the design and production enterprise of Ukrainian Armored Vehicles Ltd. (Kiev) presented a new specialized armored car "Warta-Novator" with a 4x4 wheel arrangement to the leadership of the National Guard of Ukraine led by the commander, Colonel-General Yu .A. Allerov. The presentation was attended by representatives of the State Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The armored car was specially designed for the needs of the Natonal Guards in accordance with the terms of the terms of reference, which was agreed upon by the parties.




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   This picture (on the right) was drawn on the otvaga forum. And, strangely enough, looks similar [to real one].
Of course this is not a accurate schematics, but it conveys the essence precisely.

Oplot-BM UFP



Not sure if second layer of ERA will be initiated reliably in this set up. On one hand incoming projectile may not have enough kinetic energy to initiate ERA< on the other hand it may produce big amount of secondary fragments that could initiate several ERA blocks, compromising protection of big part of UFP.

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it's an object 450 competitor, less advanced project used as a backup for a turetless 450.

480 had several modifications - a new chassis (as shown on the page) and T-80-style chassis.

general design is same as T-64 - new hull design (like on Leopard-2), new turret - predecessor of T-80UD turret,

integrated APS (future arena) like on 478M or  dikobraz (drozd) on turret sides.

Very powerfull armour - side hull used combine armor, turret is better in protection than that of T-80U.

Ut was planned with opanoramic sight for commander, Agat as an option.

23 mm R-23M gun on turret, future design of installation of the gun used for Oplot.

and a lot of other 

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