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Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

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   "Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau", a member of GC "Ukroboronprom," is working on the creation of combat vehicles of a new generation, which should enter the arsenal of the Ukrainian army in the 2020s. Designers and engineers of KMDB are now focused on the creation of BMP-U, a new infantry fighting vehicle, which should replace BMP-1 and BMP-2.

   "KhMDB" has already developed the design documentation, and the prototype production and the initial test complex will be held in 2019. BMP-U is designed for transportation and fire support of land units. It provides reliable protection for the crew consisting of 3 members and 7 soldiers.

   According to calculations, the level of protection of BMP-U is 10-12% higher than BTR-4. In addition, the engine-transmission compartment is located in the front of the hull, ensuring a greater level of protection for the crew.





   For the BMP-U armament, a new BM-8 combat module with improved characteristics was chosen. It is equipped with a 30-mm automatic cannon, an automatic grenade launcher, a machine gun, and also have guided anti-tank missiles "Barrier". BMP-U is built on a modular basis, with the possibility of using a base platform for a whole family of tracked vehicles. Thanks to this, commander's, HQ, reconnaissance, medical, repair and evacuation and other machines will be created on the basis of BMP-B.






Also, KMDB is working to create a prospective new generation tank.


and automation of most processes to reduce the number of crew members from three people to two.


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1 hour ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Will they call them 'Kurganots' I wonder?  :rolleyes:


PS - Don't think that's a mockup.....Looks like a smallish model, maybe 1/6?

It is a model. 

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Article (an interview) about Ukrainian team bad perfomance at European tank competition. In short - those old "repaied" T-84 Oplots are POS.




Autoloader jam, video from Ukrainian team leader (Roman Bogaev, participated as leader during this year and previous competition):



   We went on four T-84s. During the "offensive operation" only one tank fired. On the other three shells were not fully loaded into the gun, or sensors did not work. The system showed that the gun was not fully loaded, so the cannon was on hydrostop. Although in fact it was loaded, but the empty tray was not fully lowered - it was manually lowered on one of the tanks.

   On the other tanks cannon from hydrostop was put back into working condition manually using secondary sight.


A lot of swearing in Russian - problem with FCS


Also in two tanks, the fire control system failed - there was no stabilization of the gun. After each shot, it was moving: you do not touch the control panel, but it shakes. How to hit targets from this at 1.5 km? [in video he says 2.5 km]


More swearing towards factory and about their speaches that tankers don't know how to shoot.


Problems with wiring. Sparked, almost caught fire.


Part of indicators don't work at all:



Well, at least engine works and rollers don't fly off


5th tank was used for spares (as there were no spare parts), problem with fuel system, and so on.

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8 minutes ago, Walter_Sobchak said:


This is better to be posted in other thread (Future soviet MBTs)


Andrey have similar (or same) on his site, i posted those in Future Soviet MBT programm thread.




There is even a photo of one of those tanks.



Taking into account how they managed to "repair" T-84U Oplots for big public event, i really don't want them to touch those vehicles.



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