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Ukrainian armor - Oplot-M, T-64M Bulat and other.

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5 new Oplot-T tanks for Thailand army. This mean that number of Oplot tanks almost reached numbers of T-14s! According to contract, 49 tanks should have been made from 2011 to end of 2014. THey still need to make ~40 tanks.



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I have feeling this abomination is supposed to attack by driving backwards...  :blink:


There's plenty of footage of technicals doing just that in sandy places - it's better for bugging out quickly once they start shooting back

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Ukraine STRNG


Some Ukrainian projects.





Heavy BMP



Future MBT ("FMBT")





Internals of the FMBT.



Rear compartment with 12 rounds, possible rear hatch/door. Leclerc/Yatagan-like autoloader in turret bustle, turret is unmanned. Crew of 3, with driver being able to move to rear compartment. Frontal engine, fuel tanks are just behind side armor (brown things near rear and in the middle of the hull). This thing is strange combination of Merkava, Leclerc, Yatagan, T-64 in one funny wet dream project.

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how many tanks in total does ukraine have?


is t64 a good tank? 


why in those photos the t64 variants remain complete in their shapes,


but on the contrary those t72s in syria are usually explode with  wracked turrets and hulls?



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how many tanks in total does ukraine have?


is t64 a good tank? 


why in those photos the t64 variants remain complete in their shapes,


but on the contrary those t72s in syria are usually explode with  wracked turrets and hulls?

    Watch photos posted in this thread. After ammo detonation/propellant fire T-64 hulls are wrecked, with side armor plate being separated from frontal armor plates being characteristic. T-64s after ammorack explosions look same or even worse than T-72s, thanks to vertical placement of rounds in autoloader and other ammunition stored all over tank hull.





Side hull plate is torn, welds between side plate and frontal armor pltes are destroyed.


Example 2:



Again, same story - no turret, wrecked side armor plate.


Example 3



Example 4


Again, same type of damage to vehicle after ammorack detonation.


Example 5



Example 6



T-72s were not losing their side armor as much (much much less) as T-64s does after ammo detonation/propellant fire.

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