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Sturgeon's Thank You Thread - Please Donate To Keep Us Going

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All forum members are asked and encouraged to donate money to help keep the forum running. Every dollar helps. If you are interested in donating, please send money via PayPal to nfitch84@gmail.com. You have my thanks, and my assurance that your money will only be used to help keep the forum running, not for personal purposes. This is not e-begging; this site is run "FUBU" - for us by us. I will take care of any payment that does not get covered by the community, but help is wanted! Keep in mind that as the forum grows, the cost to keep it going will go up.

All contributors of any amount - even a just a cent - will get their names recorded below. If you do not want your name recorded, be sure to send me a PM saying so.

Unstart has already contributed, paying the full amount for this month's service, which has just been paid off. Thank you very much Unstart and anyone else who chooses to donate.

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1. Unstart

2. collimatrix

3. Alex C.

4. Meplat

5. steppewolfRO

6. Impulse

7. OnlySlightlyCrazy

8. Jeeps_Guns_Tanks
9. Bohemond

10. Xoon

11: Tekky

12: Bronezhilet
13. ramlaen

14. Miroslav

15. N-L-M

16. T___A
17. Gripen287

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Unending thanks to Meplat for donating to keep the site running!


No worries, I was more than likely going to spend it on booze, after seeing how jacked up my (potential) rental property roof is.

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5 minutes ago, Conner Webb said:

You’re the reason that Sturgeons House has 9,214 Petabytes of photos.

I am pretty sure that it was 9,213 peabytes of images and about 0.001 of words.

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