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Ukrainian Civil War Thread: All Quiet on the Sturgeon Front

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Unknown armed people in military uniforms block entrances, as well as exits from administrative buildings in the center of Lugansk, reports LTR.



   According to GTRK LPR, unknown persons refuse to carry out the order of the head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky to leave the city center. The armed men themselves stated that they were conducting planned exercises, but refused to show their documents. The head of the Center for Public Relations of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of LPR Sergey Kolesnikov failed to comment on the cordon of the city streets, citing lack of information.

   As users of social networks suggest, the MVD leadership, who is dissatisfied with the dismissal of the head of the department, Igor Cornet, may be involved in what is happening: on the eve Igor Plotnitsky sent the minister to resign. The corresponding order is published on the website of the head of the LPR. The reason for the dismissal was the initiation of a criminal case, the details of which are not yet known. The Minister of Justice of the LNR, Sergei Koziakov, has already stated that any orders of Igor Cornet are considered illegal.


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