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Riley-Amos said

February 25, 2017 at 4:03 am

42° is quite good, although for indirect fire an 89° maximum will always be preferable. Yes the CTA cannon will add some complexity but current British trials are quite promising, and the ammunition footprint is better than standard cannon ammunition – whilst offering more firepower. I mention a 200 round capacity, which is not a huge amount but it should definitely fit inside the turret. I explored having a saboted shell fired from the cannon to get some half-decent velocity but the round would be quite large (about the size of a 200 rounds 40mm CTA drum), and it wouldn’t be all that useful against heavy armour, only really for anti-helicopter use. There will definitely be mounting options for Hydra-70 pods (and hopefully CKEM) on the outside of the turret."


Mounting Hydra-70 pods and a 200 rounds capacity.


And some talk about CAS planes being better than light tanks, what? 

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17 hours ago, Khand-e said:

How are Israelis so good at the art of flipping over Tanks and other AFVs?


It honestly baffles me.

I believe it doesn't take much time to learn to use a crane properly.


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On 08.01.2018 at 7:23 PM, SH_MM said:

VT-4 seems to be surprisingly high-tech.

   It will be interesting too see cost per tank and price at which it was sold. Chinese industry is stepping on markets that Ukraine would like to have and they going at rather high speed. Thailand is nearly (or completely) lost for Ukraine, Pakistan looks like to be next.

  We will find our tanks (Russian T-90 modifications) in competition to VT-4 in few years, i believe. So being rather high tech gives VT-4 ability to seriously push us from several countries.

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Only in Russia can you find someone crazy or drunk (as in this case) enough to steal a MT-LB from a military driving school, drive it through a town in Murmansk, crash it into a supermarket's front door before getting arrested after trying to steal a bottle of wine from the said supermarket.

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I don't believe it ever advanced beyond cutting cardboard. IIRC the implementation of the IR camo used still isn't certified for field use (for whatever such a thing from BAE is worth) either.


And the program it was "designed" for is dead.



Poland had earlier planned to replace older T-72s with a modern fire-support vehicle armed with a 120 mm gun, but the Gepard light tank programme was cancelled. In addition, Poland is no longer interested in a wheeled tank destroyer based on the Rosomak 8x8 chassis armed with a 105 or 120 mm gun.

No Wilks either I see.

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