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8 hours ago, heretic88 said:

Its the end of an era. South korea finally retires T-80U and BMP-3:



It would be good to know what was their opinion about these two vehicles. Some sources say koreans were satisfied, others say they didnt like them... 


From what I’ve heard they really liked them in regards to size, performance and mobility, and firepower. If I can find the sources I’ll link them on here.

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   And a bit more was pointed out on otvaga - device on top of gun mantlet on K2 is Friend-or-Foe system antenna that sends identification request



   Same system is being mounted on K1A2



   Antenna that "answer" to Identification request (in the middle)




   Same system on K21 IFV




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Rafael has redesigned their website, and have added some new brochures in the process. One of them is the Samson 30, integrating a whole bunch of elements developed internally in Rafael:



The only weird part is that although they're offering the turret with armor up to level 6, they're now not giving the full specs like they used to, and instead posted just the minimal protection level plus weight of the turret.


The next one is the Suite for Future Armored Vehicles:

https://www.rafael.co.il/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Future-Armored-Vehcile.pdf (apparently no spelling checks?)


They're basically describing again this system:



They're also showing the roles of each operator in the OMFV. Also notice that they're specifically referring to the OMFV, perhaps pitching this technology for the US Army.


And the last one for AFVs is the Fire Weaver:





It's now pitched to the IDF and other armies as the next gen of BMS. Worthy of note is their claim that the Fire-Weaver provides accurate Geolocation of targets independently of GPS.

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The new armored vehicle of chains for the sappers of the Army has a maximum weight in combat order of 33 tons, capacity to transport up to nine crew, including the driver, and the main novelty compared to previous versions of the Pizarro is the highest level of ballistic protection and anti-mine.



While presenting the Vczap in Spain, GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas will show two other variants of the Ascod family, one equipped with an unmanned 30 mm torreo and another with an integrated launching system, at the IDET fair that will take place in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.




Pizarro Phase III

As detailed by the Army, this future Pizarro should be equipped with means of situational awareness, as augmented reality, and incorporate improvements in the armament, with a tendency to increase the caliber to 40 mm, and in protection, with floating floor barges and systems of active protection, taking advantage of the current developments of the Ascod platform of Santa Bárbara Sistemas.


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from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sompong.nondhasa/posts/1722926777810426 - some 8x8 from Thailand



Thai people ... Armor car wheels 8x8 new step from PANUS! .... The image that is seen here is the construction and assembly of 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles by Phanat Assembly Company, which has amphibious capabilities according to the needs of the Thai Marines. Now is about to be completed .. Information and other performance, please follow here.

(Thai->En via Google Translate)


















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^^imo a very nice looking vehicle, which i htink somehow show South African influence!


Rabdan UAE








what are they going to do  with the BMP-3 hulls? as far as i know the turrets will be put on the Rabdan.

they should at least use them for sth similar to Sprut like putting Cockerill turrets 105/120 mm and bam you have a very potent light/medium tank 

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my first thought was it's based on the SIBMAS, but yeah, Ratel / G6 derivative could also be true. 


I do wonder: was this developed with assistance from a foreign company, or is this 100% in-house? 

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   We don't have Iraqi AFVs thread, so...


   Iraqi Al-Kafeel Tank, modernized T-55 of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces. I have Azov engineering corp vibes from it.
























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16 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

Iraqi Al-Kafeel Tank, modernized T-55 of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces. I have Azov engineering corp vibes from it.


Needs more shitty ERA

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From MILEX-2019 - Belarusian Zashitnik (Defender) MRAP by JSC "140th Repair Plant".





Protection of the 4th class, armor protection of glass and frontal projection of the 5th class. The bottom of the vehicle, as it should be, is V-shaped.


   MRAP is equipped with a 400 hp (294 kW) engine produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YMZ-7511), connected to the YMZ-239 transmission. Speed is up to 90 km/h. Two fuel tanks with a total capacity of 200 or 350 liters provide at least 1000 km range at 60km/h. Defender is made on the basis of commercial chassis of MAZ-631708 with an all-metal welded body mounted on the frame. A number of modifications were made to the chassis, bridges were strengthened, individual elements of the transmission, gearboxes, fuel tanks, and a power plant were protected.


   The armored vehicle "Defender" has a total weight of 19,8 tons. It can overcome the rise of a steepness of 30 degrees and a ford water obsticles with a depth of 1.5 m. Tires 16.00R20 Bel-95 are bullet-resistant with explosion-proof inserts and a system of centralized pressure control. Inside it can accommodate up to 16 soldiers: two at the front and fourteen at the rear. It can be equipped with various combat modules of various classes, both with regular and with large-caliber machine guns. Air conditioning is present, a set of video cameras are present, automatic fire extinguishing systems is present as well.



























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    • By LostCosmonaut
      Originally posted by Rossmum on SA;

      Looks pretty good for the time.
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      Shortly after Jeeps_Guns_Tanks started his substantial foray into documenting the development and variants of the M4, I joked on teamspeak with Wargaming's The_Warhawk that the next thing he ought to do was a similar post on the T-72.
      Haha.  I joke.  I am funny man.
      The production history of the T-72 is enormously complicated.  Tens of thousands were produced; it is probably the fourth most produced tank ever after the T-54/55, T-34 and M4 sherman.
      For being such an ubiquitous vehicle, it's frustrating to find information in English-language sources on the T-72.  Part of this is residual bad information from the Cold War era when all NATO had to go on were blurry photos from May Day parades:

      As with Soviet aircraft, NATO could only assign designations to obviously externally different versions of the vehicle.  However, they were not necessarily aware of internal changes, nor were they aware which changes were post-production modifications and which ones were new factory variants of the vehicle.  The NATO designations do not, therefore, necessarily line up with the Soviet designations.  Between different models of T-72 there are large differences in armor protection and fire control systems.  This is why anyone arguing T-72 vs. X has completely missed the point; you need to specify which variant of T-72.  There are large differences between them!
      Another issue, and one which remains contentious to this day, is the relation between the T-64, T-72 and T-80 in the Soviet Army lineup.  This article helps explain the political wrangling which led to the logistically bizarre situation of three very similar tanks being in frontline service simultaneously, but the article is extremely biased as it comes from a high-ranking member of the Ural plant that designed and built the T-72.  Soviet tank experts still disagree on this; read this if you have some popcorn handy.  Talking points from the Kharkov side seem to be that T-64 was a more refined, advanced design and that T-72 was cheap filler, while Ural fans tend to hold that T-64 was an unreliable mechanical prima donna and T-72 a mechanically sound, mass-producible design.
      So, if anyone would like to help make sense of this vehicle, feel free to post away.  I am particularly interested in:
      -What armor arrays the different T-72 variants use.  Diagrams, dates of introduction, and whether the array is factory-produced or a field upgrade of existing armor are pertinent questions.
      -Details of the fire control system.  One of the Kharkov talking points is that for most of the time in service, T-64 had a more advanced fire control system than contemporary T-72 variants.  Is this true?  What were the various fire control systems in the T-64 and T-72, and what were there dates of introduction?  I am particularly curious when Soviet tanks got gun-follows-sight FCS.
      -Export variants and variants produced outside the Soviet Union.  How do they stack up?  Exactly what variant(s) of T-72 were the Iraqis using in 1991?

      -WTF is up with the T-72's transmission?  How does it steer and why is its reverse speed so pathetically low?
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      Hello, my friends and Kharkovites, take a sit and be ready for your brains to start to work - we are going to tell you a terrible secret of how to tell apart Soviet tanks that actually works like GLORIOUS T-80 and The Mighty T-72 from Kharkovites attempt to make a tank - the T-64. Many of capitalists Westerners have hard time understanding what tank is in front of them, even when they know smart words like "Kontakt-5" ERA. Ignoramus westerners!
         Because you are all were raised in several hundreds years old capitalism system all of you are blind consumer dummies, that need big noisy labels and shiny colorful things to be attached to product X to be sold to your ignorant heads and wallets, thats why we will need to start with basics. BASICS, DA? First - how to identify to which tank "family" particular MBT belongs to - to T-64 tree, or T-72 line, or Superior T-80 development project, vehicles that don't have big APPLE logo on them for you to understand what is in front of you. And how you can do it in your home without access to your local commie tank nerd? 
         Easy! Use this Putin approved guide "How to tell appart different families of Soviet and Russian tanks from each other using simple and easy to spot external features in 4 steps: a guide for ignorant western journalists and chairborn generals to not suck in their in-depth discussions on the Internet".
      Chapter 1: Where to look, what to see.
      T-64 - The Ugly Kharkovite tank that doesn't work 
         We will begin with T-64, a Kharkovite attempt to make a tank, which was so successful that Ural started to work on their replacement for T-64 known as T-72. Forget about different models of T-64, let's see what is similar between all of them.

      T-72 - the Mighty weapon of Workers and Peasants to smash westerners
         Unlike tank look-alike, made by Kharkovites mad mans, T-72 is true combat tank to fight with forces of evil like radical moderate barbarians and westerners. Thats why we need to learn how identify it from T-64 and you should remember it's frightening lines!

      The GLORIOUS T-80 - a Weapon to Destroy and Conquer bourgeois countries and shatter westerners army
         And now we are looking at the Pride of Party and Soviet army, a true tank to spearhead attacks on decadent westerners, a tank that will destroy countries by sucking their military budgets and dispersing their armies in vortex of air, left from high-speed charge by the GLORIOUS T-80!

      The T-80 shooting down jets by hitting them behind the horizont 
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