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Archery Thread

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On 3/21/2018 at 11:11 AM, Toxn said:

Having tried recently to teach someone the basics of archery using one of my existing bows, I've very quickly come to the unstartling conclusion that a centre-shot riser design really is the easiest option for people who didn't spend their childhood dicking around with bows.


My next project is thus going to be a baby's first centreshot riser and sight.

After lots of work, this is what I ended up with:



The most useful thing so far had been the sight - although it's hilariously over-complicated for something which could just be a ring bolted to the side of the riser.


Fair warning to anyone wanting to make a slingbow in this style: it's very important that your grip be as close to the centre of the bow as possible. Too far off the centre and the arrow gets kicked upwards at an angle.

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2 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

@Toxn this is pretty cool:


I remember this one. Sort of an alpha version horse archer. 


Funny thing: those vaguely triangular early middle eastern composite bows (egyptian, assyrian et al) are known to be very fast-shooting. I suspect that these things were no fun to be on the other side of, even if the whole setup looked a bit goofy.

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The Bitterroot recurve project is on track:



The design in bowsim.



The projected curvature and draw.



The stress along the limb at full draw. This curve isn't very optimal, but I was working around some constraints imposed by my tools (ie: hogging off material from the belly using a plane and power plane).



The steaming rig. The bow was steamed for an hour before being pressed into the jig and tied in place. Tying the limb tips proved to be a problem.



The bow after steaming. It's going to dry for 24 hours like this before I put a linen backing onto it and start final tillering. The final draw weight should be ~13kg (28lb) at 80cm. The backing always adds more than expected though.


Edit: she's almost done.




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