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Bash the Pak-Fa thread

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Do we know for sure that's for the new engine though?  It is possible to put a new, serrated nozzle onto an older engine.  Boeing was planning something like that for a stealthy super hornet upgrade.


I am also curious what they're doing for IR reduction.  On the F-35 you can see a gap between some of the spikes where cool air is circulated to reduce the temperature of the engine bay:


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4 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

Video of the flight:


The new engine is on the left, old is on the right.  The new engine seems to produce quite a bit less smoke.


"2-phase" is probably a reference to the variable bypass ratio.

Second phase of engine design program.

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An english language article on the flight.




The important bit from the article:


" According to CEO of Russia’s United Engine-Manufacturing Corporation (UEC) Alexander Artyukhov, new design solutions that have no equal in Russia’s engine-manufacturing industry were used during the production of the demonstrator engine.

In addition to the demonstrator engine, gas generators of the new engine were also produced. The second-phase jet engine intended for the PAK FA aircraft will feature a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system. The second-phase engine is expected to be 17-18% more effective than the first-phase engine (Unit No. 117).

The characteristics of the engine have been improved primarily by the dramatic increase of the working cycle parameters and units performance, as well as by the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials.

The engine features an increased thrust and drastically-reduced specific fuel consumption in virtually all working modes, in other words, not only in the maximum distance modes but also in the acceleration and afterburner regimes. This means the reduction of the life cycle cost.

The specific weight was planned to be reduced considerably be means of using cutting-edge technologies and materials.

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The Su-57 has potential to be upgraded into a sixth generation fighter.


MOSCOW, November 1. /TASS/. Russia’s cutting-edge Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation aircraft has the upgrade potential to become a sixth-generation fighter jet, Russian Aerospace Force ex-commander and Chairman of the Federation Council Defense and Security Committee Viktor Bondarev told TASS on Wednesday.


"This is actually a splendid plane and it can embrace both fifth-and sixth-generation features. It has huge modernization potential. Importantly, it is the best among the existing versions by its stealth characteristics. It incorporates all the best that is available in modern aviation science both in Russia and in the world," he said.

Time is needed to launch the production of the Su-57 fighter in Russia, Bondarev said.

Does it really count as an upgrade when there aren't production airframes to upgrade?


(also, new poster. Hi.)

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