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The Real Reason Jonas Salk didn't Patent the Polio Vaccine

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    • By Walter_Sobchak
      This thread is where to post all the stupid and annoying tank myths that fail to go away.  We shall start with two pointed out by Marsh over in the Swedish tank thread.
      1. The S-Tank was designed as a tank destroyer or as a tank only fit for just defensive missions.   2. The Merkava was designed for asymmetric combat in an urban environment, rather than full scale armour versus armour battle.     I will add a few:   Any tank suspension without return rollers is a "Christie" suspension.  In particular, T-55 and T-62,   HEAT munitions create a molten jet that "burns" its way through armor.    The French 75mm gun on the AMX 13 is a copy of the German KwK 42        
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