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This is a thread meant to share informative posts, essay's rants and other gudposts of a informative nature so we dont spend time clogging up our favorite social threads with a wall of 4chan posts


(***incase of the latter, make sure to host 4chan posts on imgur or something, since they cycle out stuff daily and on the off chance this dosent become my own personal echo chamer plusrep farm, i wouldnt like newbies to start reading walls of ded links. I will try my best to exlusivley post in English, but since three HIGHLY frequent contributers to the this forum, me, Loosver, and EE can read crylic, if i see something shiny enough im not gonna hesitate)


And since beggers cant be choozers, here's my fist contribution







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I never knew how advanced Rusnano and all their partner companies were. NEVZ has been creating Boron Carbide ceramics, which are known to be the hardest ceramics made today in their pure form  (while also being extremely light-weight, at only 2.5 g/cm3). NEVZ is also an expert in nano-structured ceramics (which is mostly relevant to Al2o3 from what I gather), which significantly increase hardness while simultaneously lowering weight. Germany claims that the nano-structured Alumina they use in AMAP is 70% harder, and 30% lighter than the normal stuff, to give you an idea. Neither of these are exclusive to NEVZ, but impressive nonetheless. 


Sygma specializes in coating with nano-ceramics. They have partnered with NEVZ in research, development, testing, and production. Nano-coating ceramics (not sure with what exactly) helps to keep them performing well under stress, low temperatures etc. According to a video (I'd need a translation to confirm) on YouTube, they have begun working with a Aluminum/Carbon-nanotube mixture.(?) 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuiE1C7eZcE - Relating to the Ai/CN mixture. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mei4RhGPI8c - Nano-structure coatings


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2h9TrGw7lQ&list=WL&index=114 - English video on NEVZ with some cheesy Coldplay music. 


http://www.nevz-ceramics.com/en/ - NEVZ website, in English. The Russian site has better information and can be accessed from there. 


http://en.rusnano.com/portfolio/companies - List of Rusnano companies. 



And as a comparison, INL (Idaho National Lab) who manufactures the Abrams' ceramics...




https://inlportal.inl.gov/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_807_0_0_43/http%3B/inlpublisher%3B7087/publishedcontent/publish/communities/inl_gov/about_inl/home_page_fact_sheets/sheets/armor_survivability_4.pdf - List of current developments (2013 I believe), which is mostly related to metal/ceramic blends and SiC composites (probably what is used in the M1, A1, A2 etc).


General information on ceramics; 







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