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RedLetterMedia thread. RLM is gud, u must watch it, yo!

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   This time on new episode of The Suffering 7: Evil 1990s instructional VHS demons in black boxes 9 - How to eat in a fancy way, How to loose al your money with a weirdo and Citizen Kane with a knife: Instructional VHS for a police.


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1 hour ago, Walter_Sobchak said:


I watched this last night.  I haven't actually watched Discovery or the Orville.  Neither seems very appealing.

Discovery is actually pretty good and actually seems to be made by people who care and understand about Star Trek Canon while packing in shit tons of action.


Was going to write about this in one of our Star Trek threads but have been too busy/sick/can't be arsed in various shades the past couple weeks. 

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