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RedLetterMedia thread. RLM is gud, u must watch it, yo!

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This is only the second time I have to disagree with the RLM guys concerning a half in the bag review.  The first time was Hateful 8.  They seemed to like it, I thought it was a bloated, boring and unpleasant waste of three hours (the first Tarantino film I did not like).  The wife and I went to see ghostbusters today.  I was fairly skeptical given how bad the trailer was and the mixed reviews it had gotten.  I have to say, I enjoyed it.  Was it as good as the original?  No.  Was it a fun diversion for two hours? Sure.  In particular, I thought Chris Hemsworth was funny, which surprised me since his character was the old "dumb secretary" cliche.  Some of the things the RLM guys are saying are legit, some of their criticisms are them trying to find reasons to not like the film.  I also suspect they are more emotionally attached to the original than I am.  It's funny that they keep comparing it to "The Force Awakens" and finding it wanting.  To me, I thought both movies were enjoyable, yet inferior to the originals.  This film is far better than truly horrible remake/sequels like "Indiana Jones and the Chrystal Skull" or "Blues Brothers 2000."  It's not nearly as good a remake/sequel as "Mad Max: Road Fury."  I rate it just below Force Awakens but above the Star Trek remakes.  

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