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The interesting ship photos/art thread.

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" The HMSVO (standing for High Speed Multi-hull Vessel Optimisation) project is being conducted to improve design and performance evaluation capabilities for multi hull ships. The US Navy's NAVSEA Carderock division and Japan's MoD ATLA are cooperating on the project. Navy Recognition was told that the US design differs from the Japanese design however. "






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Another odd question.  On several different types of Russian ships, I have noticed what look to be small caliber cannons.


Udaloy, near base of bridge and AShM launchers



Open in new tab for more detail




Sovremenny, in front of SAM launcher



Ropucha. Most I've seen do not have them, and I have found images of the particular ship in the link below to be without them as well.



I feel like I have seen them on Kirovs as well, but I can't find any good pictures.


They appear very similar to the 45mm 21-k gun, both in the gun itself and the mounting.  









However, these would be incredibly obsolete for use on any ships following WW2, for aerial or surface targets.  All places I have checked do not list anything even related under their lis of armaments, and I cannot find any information on what they might even be.  So, what are these things, and what purpose do they serve?



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