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The interesting ship photos/art thread.

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" Five DesRon12 destroyers make formation S-turns in Iron Bottom Sound, off Guadalcanal. Savo Island is in the distance. They were returning from one of their raids on Rabaul in February 1944, and executed the high-speed turns as a salute to the three ships of the squadron that had been sunk in the vicinity of Iron Bottom Sound. This had become a custom whenever DesRon12 ships passed Savo Island after a successful raid against the Japanese. Commanded by Captain Rodger W. Simpson, the squadron raided Rabaul on 17-18 and 23-25 February 1944. His flagship was USS Farenholt (DD-491). Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.
Catalog #: 80-G-220760


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