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Syrian tanks at war. Some pictures and words between them.

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15 hours ago, Mighty_Zuk said:

At what circumstances did this happen?

Unknown. There is 3 possibilities:

1) this is a T-90A from SAA Tiger forces that ISIS captured during sandstorm assault that was destroyed by SAA/VKS during their operation to push to Abu Kemal from the North.


Tank was destroyed 25 km away from place of where SAA lost T-90A.

   Yuri Lyamin on the subject:


   "The fact is that everything happened in the same area. The T-90 was captured in the area of the city of Meyadin, when an attempt was made bu militants to counter SAA assault under the guise of a dust storm. The shots of the destroyed T-90 came from the area of the village of El-Kishma, which is located about 25 km south of Meyadin.
Now Syrian troops are conducting assault operation in this direction. From Meyadin they advance along the western shore of the Euphrates to join with a group of allied forces, which operates in the region located south of Abu-Kemal, " the Russian newspaper quotes Lyamin.


2) Tiger forces/SAA tank that was lost during ISIS recent attack on advancing SAA troops, tank was hit by ATGM (26 launches documented in recent week alone IIRC). 


3) T-90 (ISIS trophy or SAA) was disabled in combat, later blown up by ISIS.

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Three Islamic State tanks upgraded by 'The Workshop' seen in action during the Tadmur offensive, December 2016. First sighting of the first tank, second and third tanks are meanwhile well known (pic 4)








From Oryx article on ISIS tanks:



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