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The Hippie Hate Thread

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To get this thread back on track from extreme shitposting, the inflight magazine on Delta today was the worst kind of hipster bullshit (not hippies, but close enough). There was a 12 page article about the Hamilton musical, a bunch of tripe about people "discovering" what it was like to live in a small town and open a restaurant with "simple" cuisine (protip: if your dish has five or more spices and a honey glaze on it it's not "the simplest food you can imagine" unless you're a raging moron) that probably costs $30+ a plate. And to top if it all of, an article about sustainable living, and on the facing page, "fashion suggestions" including a $450 hat, $425 sunglasses, and $400 jeans with a whole in them.


Fuck you, inflight Delta magazine.

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