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The PLAN present and future: Or, The rapid modernization of the Chinese navy and marines.

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I know that China has centers for testing hypervelocity weapons like rail guns but, I've never heard of any confirmed reports of one being actually mounted on a ship.

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yes it is a railgun, i was gonna hold the news for a while,you guys are sure keep eyes on it huh? ))))

the railgun sea trial is based on 072-III class landing ship CNS-936 'HaiYangShan'


just a prototype sea trial, the gun itself are build by Dr.MaWeiMing's team from University of naval engineering in Wuhan. 


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   In China, they are preparing to test some new shipborne artillery system, many suggest that it could be a railgun, an electromagnetic mass accelerator.
   The size of the installation is quite impressive, for its testing at the shipyard in Wuhan, the landing craft of Pro2.02-III "Hyansiang" was re-equipped, on the deck of the ship there were also installed containers in which electrical equipment is supposed to be mounted, which should provide the railgun with additional electric power.






















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CGI video of a danger close interception from either a Type 730 or Type 1130 30x165mm CIWS taking out multiple targets.


Hard to tell, the video runs so fast I have trouble counting the amount of fucking barrels.



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