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Bears can be total assholes. And other bear related news

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1 hour ago, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:



11 year old puts a birdshot and 3 slugs into a brown bear. Kills the thing, and the Alaskan Fish and Game people are actually allowing him to keep the hide. Nice!


Can birdshot even penetrate bear hide? The slugs probably fucked it up though, gotta aim for the eye if you want a good hide.

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2 hours ago, Donward said:


And no surprise the birdshot didn't do shit. Although we always load one or two "cheap" rounds in our guns to use as noise makers in case we need to scare a bruin off.


Also TFB needs to hire this kid to teach Patrick R the proper way to cycle a pump gun under pressure...


*sips Hudson Bay tea*


*Evil grin*

A park ranger in Estes Park, CO recently killed a black bear with birdshot. 


I'll try to find the article. Bear was found dead a day later. I'm thinking a pellet worked its way to the bear's heart.

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Kenyan Marathon Runner Escapes Bear in Maine



A professional marathoner from Kenya had a harrowing encounter with a pair of black bears while out for a morning run this week, according to the Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal.


Moninda Marube, now a student at the University of Maine at Farmington, was on an 18-mile training run early Wednesday when he heard rustling noises and spotted two black bears on the path ahead. He told the Sun Journal he had three choices: climb a nearby tree, run to the lake or sprint toward a vacant house he had just passed.


Not knowing how to swim, Marube chose to run—while screaming—to the house's screened-in porch. He said the bears charged as soon as he turned his back, but he narrowly outpaced them and reached the house first. He then unlatched the door to the deck and slipped inside, only protected by a thin netting. The bears sniffed around but did not try to break through the mesh, he said, before they left him to go about his day.


The encounter came on the Whitman Spring Road Trail in Auburn, Maine, where Marube has run many times before.


“I’ve been running this road for four years. I’ve never thought of meeting a bear here,” the 38-year-old told the Sun Journal.


(Emphasis added by my own racist self)


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Bears can swim pretty good. And I'm not just talking polar bears. 

We have watched brown bears swim along one side of a fishing net  in a ripping current and then swim back to shore along the other side, pulling fish out along the way.

They're not fast but they endurance and power.

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Here is an interesting article on the effectiveness of bear spray.




Dave Smith, the author of a book on bear safety, said how well the spray works on bears might depend on so something as basic as whether “the bear is breathing in or breathing out” when the spray hits.


Reactions to capsicum, that health study noted, are highly dose dependent. A charging grizzly is likely to get a big dose of capsicum. That is not necessarily the case for a predatory bear.


Farley describes predatory bears as approaching with eyes squinting, mouths shut and  nostrils narrowed. They come in like bears approaching beehives ready to suffer a bit to get the food they want. Their physical preparations would serve to minimize the dose of spray hitting the bear.



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230 Polar Bears Feast on Whale Carcass






And for some added bear on whale action, here is a picture of the most ambitious brown bear in the world.











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