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Essentially, EA put gigantic grind walls in front of a lot of the content and in-game upgrades in Battlefront II.  You know, the sort of stuff you'd expect in a free-to-play.  But this isn't a free-to-play, it's a $60 game with various special editions costing more than that.


In the previous Battlefront game EA added a "season pass," which was something like a $20 fee to make the multiplayer work.  This might have been tolerable if the game had much single player content, but it did not.  In fact, 2015's Battlefront had shockingly little content at all.  The game was extremely minimalist compared to 2005's Battlefront II (why wasn't 2015's Battlefront just called Battlefront III?  Are we not doing counting anymore?).


Here are some things I've noticed:


-The 2015 Star Wars Battlefront sold 14 million copies.  It's hard to compare this to the original Battlefront II because the sales figures are broken up by platform, but if they're talking 500,000 sales on a single platform, the new game may well have outsold the older, and much better game by an order of magnitude.  This shows how much bigger the gaming market has become in the past ten years.


-2017's Battlefront II looks suspiciously like it's made on the same engine as 2015s.  Could this content simply have been provided as DLC?


-It looks like we'll be seeing a Battlefront game to coincide with the release of each new Star Wars film.

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