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The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

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3 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

Ghost Stories: The legendary anime that performed so badly in Japan that the company that licensed its American rights gave the voice actors free reign to redub the entire show for comedic effect:



A sampling on Imgur.

I posted that somewhere in this forum 1-2 years ago, BTW ( 2 videos with a collection of jokes from different episodes). Watched all of it, was becoming more and more funny towards the end.

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So, currently in the middle of the drunken rewatching of "School Days" on the 10th anniversary of it's airing. (Yeah, I'm a closet weeb, fuck off, I know it's wrong, and sinful, and Haram, but never fiveget the nice boat maymay.) Episode six continues to be one of the most erie thematic shifts that fits the series so perfectly.


Don't worry, it's ok. The show ends with animea being removed, with knives! And a razor saw.

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