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The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

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I've tried to keep an open mind about anime, but the vast majority of it really is just childish to its core. Maybe it's that I can't relate to its culture, but I don't look over my shoulder while watching Looney Toons, Matt Groening's shows, or even Adventure Time/Gravity Falls in the same way I do as when I watch an anime. I guess my biggest gripes are:


-The voice acting. There are four voices in anime: squeaky girl, sultry woman, deep-voiced man, goofy nasally man. 80% of the voices are squeaky woman. This limits the kind of characters you can use.


-Most of it sounds like it's made for children, then hurriedly patched to sell to weird lonely Japanese guys. "Power of the human heart" speeches followed by sexualized little girls is fucking stupid.


-On that, it lacks tonal consistency. You'll watch some major character get killed in the rain, then 5 minutes later they're all having a big kitchen disaster with lots of goofy faces or something.


-The action ones seem to not know how to scale. Dragonball Z is the original in this, but so many just start out fucking nuts from the beginning that by the end, it's gone way too far out into left field.


These are blanket statements, of course. I loved Cowboy Bebop and anything I've seen by Miyazaki. I've tried watching anything on Adult Swim or on Netflix, but I've never seen an entertainment "genre" so polluted with pure garbage.

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I was too busy reading about tractors and drawing airplanes to draw girls 

Could have been worse, you could have been driving those tractors.

It gets old really quick.

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Dunno if this has been posted before, but it's been making the rounds in many other corners of the internet: 



I'd advise you not to watch any other videos from the same maker unless you have a strong stomach. 


All joking aside, I am guilty of watching quite a bit of anime. Cowboy Bebop is probably the best one I've seen. I particularly liked it's kickass soundtrack. 


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