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Random Space Exploration Dump Thread

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54 minutes ago, Ramlaen said:

Mike Brown and crew are up on Maunakea again looking for Planet Nine.


At the very least his search will probably bag some TNOs (which wouldn't entirely be a loss, since much of the evidence for Planet Nine is the non-random distribution of TNO orbital parameters).


Obviously hoping for success.


edit: sometimes I remember Nemesis doesn't exist, and then I get sad

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Go big or go home:


To pay for the BFR, spaceX will totally refocus on BFR - falcon will stop production. Relying on a stockpile of legacy rockets (dragon and falcon) isn't as bad for spaceX as it is for other operators, because they can reuse the rockets, but it's still a bold move. Especially since they're expecting the totally reusable BFR to take over the small satellite market and still be cost competitive (might work if they have several satellites that want to be in similar orbits?).


Rocket travel between cities is cool, but unlikely. Rockets have avoided green taxes because no-one used them for travel - using rockets for transport will make it a target for hippies.

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