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Random Space Exploration Dump Thread

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Well it's past the 19th in most time zones, I think it's safe to say we survived another prophesied collision with Nibiru.



'When' they find Planet Nine they need to name it Nibiru just to mess with conspiracy theorists.

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Are you trying to get to SPACE? Are you frustrated by how big rockets and shit need to be to get to SPACE? Well fear not, because the MAGNIFICENT WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS has the plan for YOU!


Full speech for anyone who just can't get enough.


Here's Burrough's thesis, you ready:

1. Sleep is necessary for human health, specifically REM sleep.

2. Because people dream during REM sleep, it must be a necessity.

3. Since dreams are a "necessity", they must serve some function.

4. That function is ASTRAL PROJECTION so that humans can TRAVEL DA STARS in their sleep.

5. NASA is stupid and it would never occur to them that they don't need all these silly rockets and shit because all they need is to DREAM themselves into space.


6. The reason they don't accept Burrough's GROUNDBREAKING theory is because they are Christian.

7. Presumably, the atheist Soviets also didn't accept Burrough's thesis because, uh, reasons.

@Collimatrix, @LostCosmonaut, @Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

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Russia's Space Corporation @roscosmos shares photos of Russian cosmonauts' @Anton_Astrey & Alexander Misurkin during their recent record-long spacewalk outside the #ISS installing new receiver and doing a bit of #SpaceMaintenance










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