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The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread

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Side issue:


Russia and China’s external adventurism can at least partially be explained as an effort to re-channel their publics’ dissatisfaction with the quality of governance.


Someone unintentionally outed US domestic policy, methinks.

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Was linked in a news article in the OP, comrade  :)



(I am relishing the first, and possibly only time I will get to say that to LoooSeR)

[Exploding in vortex of denial]


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Side issue:

Someone unintentionally outed US domestic policy, methinks.

Buddy. The Russian satisfaction of their goverment is "well are the lights still on. Is the water still running. Well atleast we arent under X"

Let alone "well. Are our geopolitical second wind worth the exerting our economy"

And the Chinese no the future is there's. If anything American reaches are there to downplay its decline

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Oh hi Americans.  We're Saudi Arabia, we are your friends: 




David Brin's deconstruction from FB:


There are times when your adversaries offer words that you want everyone to read. Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States, Abdullah Al-Saud, published this missive, proclaiming his nation purely innocent of fomenting Sunni-Muslim anti-western fury and terrorism.

“Saudi Arabia has been falsely accused by some commentators of promoting extremism. Don't they realize that extremists are as much or more of a threat to Saudi Arabia than to any other part of the world? If critics took the time to look at the facts, they would see that Saudi Arabia has and will continue to lead all nations in combating the mindset that foments violent extremism.”

Seriously, read it all, knowing that Saudi schoolbooks are so vehemently anti-western that they are state-secrets — you can be imprisoned for showing one to a foreigner. The Wahhabist (Hanbali) madrassas that Saudi oil wealth imposed on most Sunni nations teach not only Sharia purity but irredentist hated of all things western and nostalgic yearnings for caliphate.

Now, the kingdom’s leaders profess to be SHOCKED that Saudi aristocrat Osama bin Laden and dozens of graduates of those same schools perpetrated the 9/11 and Paris attacks and launched ISIS, eager to push the caliphate-restoration program faster than the calmer princes had mapped-out?

Manipulative oligarchs in the USA — many of them very closely tied to the House of Saud — have run into the same problem over here. The populist madness that they deliberately stirred through American madrassas like Clear Channel and Fox News has metastacized out of their control. And both groups of delusional oligarchs keep telling themselves how very, very smart they are.

This is why I wrote that scene in Existence, showing actually intelligent aristocrats trying to figure out a path the future. Evil pursuers of neo-feudalism, at least my portrayed plutocrat characters were smart enough to see the most blatant mistakes that ruined feudal states across 6000 years, and sought to set up systems to pierce their own delusions.

Read this awful drivel and laugh until you cry. What this article shows you - as does every action of America’s right wing “establishment” - is smug men whose flatterers had told them they were oh so clever, with a cunning plan. But whose principal trait will be historically recorded as deep, deep stupidity.

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