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T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

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3 hours ago, Karamazov said:

Just T-80U with Agava-2 night sight. Like this:




   I still remember what one ex-Soviet tank company commander told me after he went to Israel and served on Merkavas - "Agava sights are such type of sights where when you look in it, you are not sure if it is broken or should work like this"

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Tied has been trying to get me to post here for months, and he has finally convinced me to join up. So without further ado here is a post I made on the SA forums since I see there isn't a T-80 thread.

I still remember what one ex-Soviet tank company commander told me after he went to Israel and served on Merkavas - "Agava sights are such type of sights where when you look in it, you are not sure if

About T-80UE-1 and UA    Basically same upgrade, but if T-80BV is getting new FCS and some other changes it get T-80UE-1 designation, if T-80U - then T-80UA. But T-80UE-1s can have differences

14 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

   I still remember what one ex-Soviet tank company commander told me after he went to Israel and served on Merkavas - "Agava sights are such type of sights where when you look in it, you are not sure if it is broken or should work like this"

You are a communist, Ivan! Communist looks into the sight - sees the enemy

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On 1/13/2019 at 5:47 AM, Cheburashka said:

Does the UD have  neutral steering?


I don't think so.  A poster here a long time ago mentioned that the Kharkov factory was working on an upgraded transmission for the T-80UD/T-84/Oplot family that would have a continuously variable drive ratio as well as neutral steering, but that this was never actually mass-produced.

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4 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Didn't a video pop up in one of the Russian/Soviet tank threads that suggested that the T-80UD (or the example in the video at least) did have neutral steer.....I seem to recall some surprised comments at the time???  :unsure:


If there was, I haven't been able to find it.  @Monochromelody mentions what sound like one-off T-80 variants with neutral steer capability in this thread.


Mysteriously vanished SH user @Levi posted this excellent guide to Soviet MBT transmission design here.  Sadly, most of the important material has fallen prey to the dreaded link rot.  But I remember the basics well enough.


In short, the T-64, T-72 and T-80 have basically the same transmission.  The parts aren't compatible between the three (that would just be silly!), but they all work basically the same way.


In a typical Western MBT the power flowing from the engine is split into a steering drive and the transmission.  The transmission varies the drive ratio, and the steering drive alters the balance between the left and right tracks as needed.  The power is then re-combined and sent to the final drives.  In the Soviet tanks the power is split into left and right half transmissions.  Essentially, each track has its own transmission, and these transmissions also double as steering drives and final drives.  It's very simple and compact, and making a Western-style system that could fit in the same footprint would be quite a trick.  Not necessarily impossible, but quite a trick.

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One of the first good photos of a T-80BV to be released by the US/NATO back in the old days. When it first appeared, the story I heard was that in this particular case, a Soviet GSFG soldier wanted to show his girlfriend his tank...and allowed her to take photos of him in the driver seat. There is another version of this photo out on the Net with the boyfriend's face blocked-off. I can only imagine that there was hell to pay when this photo hit the street...    




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On 1/22/2019 at 9:01 PM, Cheburashka said:

And could somebody please tell me what is that box circled in red?



As far as I can see the the T-80U PNK-4S has this box and the T-80UD one doesn't have it (I guess because of the remote AAMG)


   This is a part of 1ETs-29 system. On T-80U this block contain electrical parts of commander's TKN-4S sight stabilizator. 


   This system is also mounted on T-90, BTW.


1ETs29 is a control system for anti-aircraft WS of the T-90 tank.
   The system is intended for the following purposes:
- management guidance of the commander's cupola and mounted on it sights and anti-aircraft machine gun installation in the horizontal and vertical planes.
- when installed on a tank with the TSHU-1-2A system, it provides coarse and accurate targeting to the laser source, as well as turning the turret with smoke grenade launchers in direction of the laser source.
 System 1ETs29 provides:
- control and guidanc ofe sight of the commander of the PK-5 and PZU-7;
 - remote control of the NSV-12.7 anti-aircraft machine-gun unit;
 - firing in the "double" mode.


Also, T-80UD have this system as well:


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    • By LoooSeR
      Hello, my friends and Kharkovites, take a sit and be ready for your brains to start to work - we are going to tell you a terrible secret of how to tell apart Soviet tanks that actually works like GLORIOUS T-80 and The Mighty T-72 from Kharkovites attempt to make a tank - the T-64. Many of capitalists Westerners have hard time understanding what tank is in front of them, even when they know smart words like "Kontakt-5" ERA. Ignoramus westerners!
         Because you are all were raised in several hundreds years old capitalism system all of you are blind consumer dummies, that need big noisy labels and shiny colorful things to be attached to product X to be sold to your ignorant heads and wallets, thats why we will need to start with basics. BASICS, DA? First - how to identify to which tank "family" particular MBT belongs to - to T-64 tree, or T-72 line, or Superior T-80 development project, vehicles that don't have big APPLE logo on them for you to understand what is in front of you. And how you can do it in your home without access to your local commie tank nerd? 
         Easy! Use this Putin approved guide "How to tell appart different families of Soviet and Russian tanks from each other using simple and easy to spot external features in 4 steps: a guide for ignorant western journalists and chairborn generals to not suck in their in-depth discussions on the Internet".
      Chapter 1: Where to look, what to see.
      T-64 - The Ugly Kharkovite tank that doesn't work 
         We will begin with T-64, a Kharkovite attempt to make a tank, which was so successful that Ural started to work on their replacement for T-64 known as T-72. Forget about different models of T-64, let's see what is similar between all of them.

      T-72 - the Mighty weapon of Workers and Peasants to smash westerners
         Unlike tank look-alike, made by Kharkovites mad mans, T-72 is true combat tank to fight with forces of evil like radical moderate barbarians and westerners. Thats why we need to learn how identify it from T-64 and you should remember it's frightening lines!

      The GLORIOUS T-80 - a Weapon to Destroy and Conquer bourgeois countries and shatter westerners army
         And now we are looking at the Pride of Party and Soviet army, a true tank to spearhead attacks on decadent westerners, a tank that will destroy countries by sucking their military budgets and dispersing their armies in vortex of air, left from high-speed charge by the GLORIOUS T-80!

      The T-80 shooting down jets by hitting them behind the horizont 
    • By delfosisyu
      Hey guys. This is my first post in this forum.
      I want to find out sources for 2 information.
      Firstly, a friend of mine told me about the accuracy of T-80B tested in 1980s.
      T-80B      1000m   1500m     2000m
                      87%       66%       46%
      I asked him where he found this data. But he told me he forgot where he did find this since too much time passed from that moment.
      The Second one is about Russian ballistic computer's range-finding rate.
      One day, one of my friends who speaks russian quite well showed me a product info. of russian(maybe ukrainian) gunner's primary sight.
      It was written that range-finding rate of the sight after laser fired-off 0.3~3.0 seconds. 
      I totally forgot the address of that product brochure.
      I'd be very appreciated if you help me finding links of these information.
    • By Sturgeon
      I'll start off with a couple Pathe videos:




    • By LoooSeR
      BM "Oplot"


      Ukrainian designers managed to make biggest panoramic sight i ever saw - overall weight of it is reaching 500 kg.
             Oplot-M, or BM "Oplot" after addoption to service in Ukrainian army, is Ukrainian MBT based on another Ukrainian MBT - T-84 "Oplot", which is Soviet-designed T-80UD with some modifications. BM Oplot was designed by Morozov Kharkiv Machine Building Design Bureau and produced by Malyshev factory. Chief designer of BM Oplot - Mikhail Dem'yanovich Borisuk (he was born in 1934, BTW).
             It have several features, separating it from T-80UD, T-90A and T-84. Engine is new 6 cylinder 6TD-2E 1200 HP diesel with lowered smokiness and exhaust toxicity (wich is a problem for Kharkov engines) in new engine-transmission compartment (which is 2 part - lower is for engine itself and upper part is for big airfilters, which are needed because of how much air 6TD "eats"), new sort-of automatical transmission. Tank is equipped with new navigation systems, FCS, panoramic sight for commander with day and night (thermal imager) capabilities, new remotely controlled KT-12.7 12.7 mm HMG for commander, new gunner sights, which bring it to modern level of how tank should be equipped. A lot of that equipment is made not in Ukraine.
      From the side BM Oplot looks different from Soviet T-64-like MBTs.
            Main gun is not really different from 2A46 125 mm guns of T-72/ T-80/T-90 series of tanks, 125 mm KBA-3 L48 gun with autoloader for 28 shots (46 in total is carried). Main gun can fire HE, HEAT, APFSDS, GL-ATGMs (Ukrainian "Kombat" missiles). AFAIK part of ammunition is carried outside of the tank, in turret "basket", mounted to the rear part of it. Nothing really fancy here, 5 km range with ATGMs, up to 2.5-2.8 km effective range with APFSDS, which is standart for late Soviet and current Russian MBTs like T-72B3, T-80UE and different models of the T-90. 
           Vehicle is also equipped with Ukrainian version/local variant of Shtora system - "Varta", with additional laser-warning sensors on the turret sides. 

           BM-Oplot use somewhat unusual type of ERA (which is most interesting feature of that tank) - ~layered ERA named "Duplet". It is rumored that it can defeat tandem HEAT warheads like PG-7VR and PG-29V. Vehicle sides are also covered by Duplet ERA. 

            Note that the hull UFP is covered by differently shaped blocks of ERA (long and narrow). How much it is effective is unknown, but designers claim that it can defeat tandem HEAT warheads, EFP and APFSDS projectiles.  
      Upper frontal hull armor layout:
      Side ERA modules:
            Overall, BM Oplot is tank with better perfomance than T-80UD thanks to improvements in electronics and FCS, engine, transmission, driver controls, new ERA and better side armor, and in some areas this vehicle can be superioir to T-72B3 (latest Russian serial produced modification of the T-72 MBT, although it wasn't best proposed modification for it).
            But..., there is always "but" -  it is vehicle that Ukraine can not produce in any serious numbers, as their one and only contract with Thai army showed - out of 95 BM Oplot ordered in 2011 only 5-6 were delivered to this day. During trials in Thailand Kombat GL-ATGMs also showed not very good results - AFAIK out of 5 test firings, 2 missiles exploded before reaching targets. Another interesting fact about that tank is that no BM Oplot MBTs are presented on battlefields of Eastern Ukraine - T-64 and T-72s are primary tanks of the VSU. Seems to me Ukraine is either can't service them, or simply can't produce them in a first place.
      Oplot-BM on trials in Pakistan. No accurate information on results, rumors say that Chinese VT-4 won that competition.
      Oplot-BMs for Thai army on prooving ground.

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