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An SSK chasing an SSN seems a little off to me. Kilo top speed is ~20kn, A-boat can do ~30kn, so the SSN could just leg it. A russian SSN hunting the A-boat sounds more plausible, but those don't tend to come into port very often (so tabloids wouldn't have any evidence they were present)

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4 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:

Old news, but the USN is going to replace the Ohio SSGN conversions with Columbia class boats; https://news.usni.org/2017/11/02/navy-considering-mid-block-virginia-class-upgrades-ssgn-construction-late-2030s


An SSGN is different enough in a strategic sense from an SSBN that a new class name is in order.  Since this will be essentially a companion class to the Colombia class, I move that it be named the Magenta class.

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SSGNs aren't going to bridge the gap between the SSBN buys, unless they either buy a shedload of SSGNs or stretch them out to one every five years or so. Other than a longer assembly hall and a few extra tubes, is there really that big a difference between constructing an SSBN and SSN?


In other news, Indonesia has won at submarines:





Indonesia’s second Nagapasa-class submarine arrives home

Ridzwan Rahmat, Singapore - Jane's Navy International
18 May 2018


The Indonesian Navy’s (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL’s) second Nagapasa (Type 209/1400)-class diesel-electric submarine (SSK) has arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia, after a 22-day journey from Okpo, South Korea.

The boat, which will be known as KRI Ardadedali with pennant number 404 once in service, is expected to be commissioned in the coming weeks. Ardadedali ’s sister ship, first-of-class KRI Nagapasa (403), was commissioned in August 2017, while a third vessel is under construction at Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL’s facilities in Surabaya.


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From one of the articles


While the information was stored on the contractor’s unclassified network, it was described as “highly sensitive” in the Post report.


Why the fuck would you put that shit on the unclassified network. You fucking idiots.

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The only missile that I can think of that would fit the description of the Sea Dragon program would be a sub launched SM-6.


The Drive has an article speculating on a couple examples of what the missile could be.


Related to that article.


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