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It seems to be a repurposed M167 Vulcan, i.e an originally towed one.

But if it's really that useful to them, I don't understand why settle only for ammunition from Iran?

Iran already produces a 3-barreled, 23mm gatling gun that it could deliver to the Houthis. Everyone already knows they're deep in that mess.

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24 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Or so we're constantly told, eh?  :rolleyes:

Iran is supporting Houthis, ballistic missile parts, Iranian thermal imagers and Iranian Kornet copies photos from Yemen were posted by me in different threads in SH.

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9 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I thought the missile components (& presumably other items) we've seen were delivered before the embargo?

   No, they were shipped after war began. Saudis and Coalition were so bad at blockade that Houthis and Iranians managed to sneak in several ballistic missiles into Yemen. I wish Houthis were aiming those things at targets that they could actually hit instead of going for high-PR targets that missile can barely reach. Iranians don't have or could not deliver a missile with higher range and better accuracy, looks like. If Houthis had that, they could fuck up Saudi royal familiy or their oil infrastructure.


   Yuri Lyamin also covered those ballistic missiles. Apperently some parts were shipped disassembled and they were supposed to be welded/assembled inside of Yemen.



Thermal imager






AA missiles:

Burkan-2 ballistic missiles:


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