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Developing Situation in Moldova

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    • By Alzoc
      This shall be the general dump thread for anything related to common EU defense.
      I found this 2017 document of the European Commission on general reflections on the future of the common European defense, and realized that we had no thread where it seemed relevant.
      Contains some interesting figures on military spending put in perspective with the US
      Although I don't know how the hell they come with a number of 4 different destroyers/frigates for the US (and the pictures show aircraft carriers, and everything but MBTs for both the EU and the US)
      Also if it seem apparent that EU citizens ask for more security and military spending than ever, I personally find it's shame that it's mostly because of immigration and terrorism rather than a will for more EU influence in the world although I guess it was supposed to be expected (especially when respondents were asked to pick their two main concern among the list).
      The document finally propose 3 different scenari (a, b and c) with increasing cooperation between member state.
      I hope that we will at least manage to achieve the goals of the b scenario and it seem reasonable to do so within the next decade or so.
      C scenario would be ideal but seem unachievable yet within the current institution (The EU doesn't have enough power for that and can be too easily blocked by a minority of member states).
      Anyway it seems to be the perfect time to build up European defense now that the UK is out (they were always opposed to it afraid that it would collide with NATO) and that some major member states are pushing for more integration (Germany, Italy, France and Belgium among others).
      On the other hand several country have major governance problems like Germany and Italy which will have a weak government due to inconclusive elections (basically they have to form coalition governments without a large majority).
      Also European elections are coming in 2019 and depending on the results it could strengthen the current dynamic or completely put it to a halt.
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