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Panem et Circenses Thread

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At the risk of sounding like Daigensui I love the Hanwha Eagles:


Also Lucifer pitches for the Yankees:



This is what Yankees’ relief pitcher Lucifer Sam, the prince of darkness, had to say about the league mentality of his Yankee ball club after a late inning loss to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California, Orange County, 92806. “We’re a bunch of likeable guys, it’s unwarranted.” Lucifer Sam, the prince of darkness, posted a .666 ERA in three innings after replacing Yankees’ starter Adolf Hitler, who was given a no decision after leaving the game early in the fifth despite leaving runners within striking distance of home. Hitler had only thrown 30 pitches over the four innings prior. Presidential candidate Donald Trump reached out over twitter following these comments saying: “I love my Yanks #Makebaseballgreatagain” and then followed up with an interview on CNN saying, “The Yankees are great, they really are. They always get the best players together. I mean, when was the last time you saw a good player elsewhere? You don’t. You won’t. If I built a team I’d do the same. The Red Sox would pay for them.” When presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was asked a similar question he responded with “I don’t understand what the Yankees have to do with the issues, however, I cannot support them, despite my childhood in New York. Big money should not be in baseball. Period.” It may be worth noting that the Yankees’ attendance rate has not wavered. “Legion” as many Yankees fans call themselves, often followed by the chant of “We are many”, are still filling Yankee Stadium at great rates. “The Lake of Fire” as many fans call the stadium, is still a hot spot for many New Yorkers and tourists alike. So though the Yankees’ may not be incredibly liked, they still are bringing in people regardless, whether they like it or not.

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Gooooooooooo Raptors!  :)


Nice win tonight.


The race in the Eastern Conference to see who gets to lose to Golden State in the NBA Finals is INTENSE!






Or so I've heard having boycotted the NBA.


And the fact that the Seattle City Council has voted DOWN a simple proposal to vacate a street that bisects property where someone is planning to build an NBA arena to bring the Sonics back to town means that this isn't changing any time soon.


Also, the "News" is that the five female city council weasels who did this received some nasty Tweets and emails that violated their Safe Space because someone called them bitches. I shit you not.

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Hahahaha. Suck it OKC Thunder vermin. Kevin Durant is heading to the Warriors. Your window is now closed and it shouldn't be too long before losses pile up and revenue and arena attendance drops.

I'm calling it right now that they'll move back to Seattle within the decade ala St Louis/LA Rams, Oakland Raiders, etc.

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    • By Khand-e
      So yeah, since I did this for every individual major 4 North American pro league sport last year in seperate threads, and playoffs are about to end and go into championship games soon, I figured I'd just do a mini compendium thread for it, so yeah, here we are.
      NFL: Denver Broncos defeat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 at Super Bowl 50.
      NBA: To be determined, in Semifinals, but it's shaping up to be a rematch of last year with the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers so far. ZZZZZ (Golden state won said matchup 4-2.)
      NHL: Currently in semifinals, Predictions for me are on the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the St Louis Blues in the grand finals so far. However, considering St Lous is currently 2-2 against the Western conference leader, the Dallas Stars, I'll pretty much say that whoever wins that series will probably take the Stanley cup this year.
      MLB. This one is pretty far off, will update this and the rest when the time comes, but, not the Seattle Mariners. (Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT DONWARD!)
      So yeah, this is indeed a thread.
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      A bit late but obviously been not really here all the time.
      First world series win for the franchise in 30 years, Royals 4-1 Mets.
    • By Khand-e
      Figured even though it's not the Bulls, I did do a hockey post so, here you go.
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      Would've much preferred the Bulls not hard choking against the Cavs this year, but this will do nicely for now I guess!