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  2. Why would SPAAG be useless against drone's , they have been using drones for target practice for past 50+ years
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  4. Nice. Such things as Tunguska's cannons are almost useless against small UAVs, while missiles have problems in destroying them too.
  5. The sky's the limit, bud. You go make the 188-tonne tank with two main guns that you've always been dreaming of.
  6. Absolutely. I’m glad that the Rheinmetall’s MILVEHCOE is viable on the back of the business they’ve already won. Otherwise it’d be a capability Ponzi scheme!
  7. Not sure who is doing their business development, but they have a track (LOL) record of choosing losers. Remember the STK "Sentinel"?
  8. I for one look forwards to both of you sharing what you can, when you can.
  9. We can debate relative merit once the decision is made and we can really share
  10. I would be careful if I were you my tanke ended up having an armor mass of over 70 tons prompting a redesign.
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  12. Tiger has similar issues though - that tub and superstructure design philosophy means that the 80-100mm upper box is riding on a 25-60mm lower hull.
  13. As long as you don't go looking around where the 20mm belly comes up in a U shape, yeah.
  14. Appears that all the usual caveats to successful laser tests apply: At altitude, crystal clear weather, with a long dwell time on the target. Still very niche IMO.
  15. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/israel-successfully-downs-targets-using-airborne-laser-system-671638
  16. Indonesia seems to be interested as well. The letter of intent was recently signed.
  17. Czech IFV competition takes another delay. The date for final offers was moved from 1st July to 1st September (officially per request of the bidders) which effectively means that the final decision was thrown on another government (parlamentary elections are scheduled on 8-9th October) and it is very likely that it won't be taken even this year...
  18. The problem with this as described is that every tank becomes a Sho't Kal Dalet.
  19. Elphinestone LAND FORCES 2021 - Elphinstone & Hanwha team for Redback IFV hull fabrication | ADBR for hull fabrication. 50 tonne vehicles, Elphinestone's sweet spot, 52 tonnes operating mass R2900 LHD (+17 more for payload) EDITORIAL || An even money chance for the North-West to win big | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS https://youtu.be/OltnuP4SuJI
  20. I was actually thinking that would be a good idea anyway, both seem excellent options, call for sharpened pencils and start manufacture anyway. the m113 has long been effectively a capbility gap.
  21. I’ll put a beer on Redback - on merit - but Lynx, on politics.
  22. Cross-posting a bit, but I found this interesting: I was modelling a Tiger 1 analogue for the Californians as a prelude to suggesting the above competition options, and found that the cost of the front drive system, slightly taller engine and hull sponsons ends up being 10 tonnes of weight (for the same protection level and an otherwise-similar component layout) by the time you get to the final weight of the vehicle. It's amazing how much extra you pick up just from having a taller hull, because of course side armour is one of the more weight-expensive parts of a tank due to the area it occupies. Sponsons are also one of the great enemies of weight saving because they increase roof area and front plate area at the same time. Finally; squaring off the hull (rather than angling it a bit to wrap around internal components better) seems to gain you a small but noticeable amount in the weight department. All this, combined with the fact that you generally want a longer tank rather than a taller or wider one for ground pressure reasons (more track run), means that the best way to economise is simply to follow the Soviet model: make your vehicles as low and thin as possible as possible, and make up internal volume with length if you need to. This is how you end up with T-54/55 having 200mm of RHA on the front, a minimum of 80mm on the side, a potent 100mm gun, and a weight of only 36mt.
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