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  4. Thanks for that, SH_MM; much appreciated
  5. Vario Mehler has the uparmor plates, TenCate used to make similar plates up to NIJ IV, I think the SLAAP is at 5.56/7.62AK protection, and the IHPS is purported to 7n1 with uparmour. The ECH actually is a polyethylene rated to NIJ III. Paying the tax... I think this is where they got the COD Cold War stuff lol
  6. EMBT nothing, and we probably won't hear anything else about it, the market for second-hand and/or upgraded Leopard 2 is still going strong and the EMBT makes little sense from an economical standpoint. Ultimately it was just a project to show that Nexter and KMW were playing nice together, but Rheinmetal has created big waves by saying that they intend to take control of KMW and by extension of the MGCS program (which the French side was not exactly happy with). On the MGCS the last new I saw was mid october to say that 200 millions € would be engaged in 2021 to produce 14 Ma
  7. Both of the helmets are 30 years old. I would say it is impressive considering their age. Anyway out of curiosity did US military or SWAT units use any sort of heavy ballistic helmets similar to these Soviet/Russian ones? Also a genuine question. Which helmets can withstand more than SS190?
  8. Against SS190... Not that impressive. Not a very powerful round.
  9. IMHO the heavy helmets still make perfect sense with the close combat assault teams and anti-terror squads, just like they were mostly used.
  10. This was a proposal to up-armor the Chieftain using Burlingon (Chobham) armor in the late 1960s. The shape of the turret resulted in really poor armor coverage, hence the idea was abandoned in favor of developing a new variant of the Chieftain with built-in Burlington armor.
  11. Chieftain Enigma conversion in 1/35 scale, is this a genuine proposal for the MBT? https://dragonbadger.co.uk/product/chieftain-heavy-armour-conversion-in-1-35-scales-3d-print/
  12. ROK UGVs that are being tested Hyundai Rotem Sherpa Hanwha Defense UGV
  13. Fragsuit is important, but just as problematic is the issue of heatcas, fatigue, and operator load Assaultsuit is cool and good until you stack on fifteen magazines, rifle, grenades, medical, food, and whatever other stuff needs to be packed it also has somewhat better chances at deflecting a rifle round, though given that the rifle rated helmet is on the rise again, that's not much of an adv. Still, solid headcase.
  14. 40mm autocannon, amphibious, presumably includes 8 dismounts
  15. Last week
  16. Posting news about this ATGM here, as it is for vehicles only, even if it size is more fit for infantry-carried ATGM. https://iz.ru/1092828/2020-11-27/seriinoe-proizvodstvo-noveishei-rakety-bulat-nachnetsia-v-2022-godu This also gives kind of inderect reference to timeline of Epokha turret production.
  17. https://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/975930.html Yuri Lyamin's short explanation of situation.
  18. One of Iranian top scientists was killed in Hollywood-esq ambush. Also claims that 2 attackers were killed and 1 captured.
  19. K21 has very heavy turret. Fire support version with XC-8 105HP turret is 600 to 1000 kg lighter than basic IFV. That's why they had to use composites in the structure.
  20. A K153C dual AT-1K Raybolt ATGM carrier apart of the 11th Mechanized Division that was at a VIP Demonstration during DX Korea 2020 which happened a week ago.
  21. Old photos of IRIAF F-14A armed with R-27.
  22. Destroyed Azeri T-72 Aslan with a soldier who doesn't know that it's their own tank. The wind sensor is not present on Armenian T-72AV.
  23. Prague aircraft museum Kbely finished restoration of Avia Av-14 (Czechoslovak built Il-14). When I was there two months ago I have noticed that since my last visit three years ago they restored C-47, Phantom FGR.2 and Su-25K. Next one to restore is probably going to be Il-18 (and I really really hope they'll restore the Tu-104 which is standing there too!).
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