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  2. yeah, don't get me started o that crap!
  3. earthmoving equipment uses pure steel track - literally a steel edge or two contacts the road at every link.. 99% combat vehicle track (in peacetime) use a steel track with rubber pads - only the pads contact the road. Same impact as a rubber track. Tracked earthmovers have no suspension so there are high in-equalities in load distribution as well. No comparison
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  5. what I'm trying to understand, would a carefully driven rubber banded IFV be capable of travel on australian/asian roads without causing damage. because excavators have a bad reputation for tearing up the roads. we have plenty of that thin cheap, spray seal (chip & seal) road The Nature of Sprayed Seals | Austroads.
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  7. Military track (in peacetime) is friendly to all road surfaces simply as load is distributed so well compared to wheeled vehicles. Exceptions are when the midden intersects the ventilator and we revert to steel track and even rubber pad or band track does rip up bitumen if you pivot turn. Less damage on dirt as less traction. (less resistance to pivot)
  8. Never (personally) had an issue with tracks tearing up roads. T130, Diehl 513, T150F: never damaged the roads I operated on, in Australia & overseas. Re. Dirt tracks, we’d normally parallel them if we thought we’d damage them by repeated traffic. We’d also road run Leopard AS1 (similar MLC as AS21/KF41) with no issues regarding damage. Can’t imagine composite rubber track would be any more aggressive than conventional track using rubber pads.
  9. Question, how friendly (or otherwise) are rubber tracks to dirt roads. I assume the rubber tracks are still too aggressive to place on bitumen roads, but do they tear up dirt roads too? (Ie australian rural dirt road, but still traversable by RWD. Ie ford falcon)
  10. The K808 Command Vehicle recently finished development. Research and development began in 2017 and production of the command vehicles will begin in 2022.
  11. Steel Beasts uses its own (and very flawed) system for calculating armor and penetration that doesn't reflect the reality very well.
  12. Bunch of pics of retrofuturistic cars, cities, ships and other things Collection of retrofuturistic videos and clips, including some atompunk stuff.
  13. A guy in Eastern Bohemia was searching for historical remnants with a metal detector... he found 338 mortar rounds from WW2 burried some 1,5 meters deep underground. The article states it's 82 mm calibre, i.e. Soviet one. There were partizan units operating in these forests at the end of the war. Could be their ammo dump even though that would have to be from the last days of war because normally they used ony small arms and explosives in this area (the most prominent group active in that forest was an intelligence unit of Soviet 1st Ukrainean front lead by major Charitonov enlarged by escaped
  14. what was idea(i understand that it need ribs for strength) behind Leopard 2 belly bended inward(and weld shut concave areas with additional plates) and not outward like on T-series and use those bended areas as place for torsion bars ?
  15. Koreans have long solved their engine issues, and for them the only issue is that the Transmission has a MTBF that's shorter than required. The Italian engine should be fine enough for Altay.
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  17. Both Koreans and Turks have issues with the engine for the new tank , and it doesnt seem like Ukrainan engine is going to solve turk engine problems,
  18. https://vz-ru.turbopages.org/vz.ru/s/news/2021/1/24/1081661.html?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop New long range interceptor is in development to replace MiG-31.
  19. If you manage to throw the ball/rock/hand grenade into one of the buckets, while receiving fire from the .50 cal, do you win a prize?
  20. Because they train how to use equipment, button placing, procedures and stuff like that.
  21. It's worth remembering that steel beasts is a game available to the general public. I'm led to understand the professional version of it allows one to plug in values of their own, so presumably militaries which use it on a professional basis have what they consider to be accurate values, the open source version, being based on unclassified data, cannot be taken as an authoritative source.
  22. I think reason is that Turkish industry have problems producing needed engine for Altay, so it looks like this hybrid is a way to quasi-solve this problem. Use older Leo hulls they actually have to carry new turret with all new equipment.
  23. Still their simulator is being used for training by several armies. Why is that?
  24. I don’t think the point is to “turn the leopard into the Altay”, but instead to use the same equipment and similar armor on both, to bring both to a common standard. The closest vehicle I can think of that’s comparable would be the French Unic P107s that were modified by the Nazi’s to be like their own Sd.Kfz 251s.
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