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  2. https://govtribe.com/file/government-file/abrams-improved-turret-motors-and-a-kit-spare-parts-market-survey-dot-pdf
  3. Some older footage of a demonstration of the K239 Chunmoo
  4. I did my uni industrial experience at Lithgow SAF in the late 90s, then ended up teaching alongside a woman I met there after she retrained as a technology teacher. Glad to see that the place is still chugging along, even though someone played fast and loose with the madritsch IP.
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  6. Manufacture of “major components” of the Mk30-2/ABM to be undertaken by Thales Lithgow. Hope Rheinmetall has their IP locked down!
  7. Can't be that gormless if the Russians see some merit in the vehicle, as seen here: the BMP-KSh. http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2021/09/blog-post_27.html I admire the IDF for how they repurpose vehicles, rather than the expense of building a new one.
  8. https://www.darpa.mil/news-events/2021-09-27 "DARPA, in partnership with the U.S. Air Force, completed a free flight test of its Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) last week. The missile, built by Raytheon Technologies, was released from an aircraft seconds before its Northrop Grumman scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) engine kicked on. The engine compressed incoming air mixed with its hydrocarbon fuel and began igniting that fast-moving airflow mixture, propelling the cruiser at a speed greater than Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound)."
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  10. Chinese precision strike round at the Zhuhai Air Show. US M982 Excalibur for the comparison
  11. The Italian Armored Infantry Combat System from both Iveco and Oto-Melara.
  12. What you’re doing now, accepting that you don’t know everything, is a more acceptable attitude, but it’s a couple months late.
  13. What the fuck do you think you're doing now? LMAO projection, much? With your shitty attitude? We mind mightily. You've been a banned man walking for months, now. It's funny that now you're professing your ignorance on virtually every subject from materials to engineering to what hole the square block goes into, but months ago you waltzed around chewing people out for how "ignorant" you thought they were because they didn't think Tiger was the best thing since sliced bread.
  14. Whatever makes you happy. My engineering started with this contest, what did you expect? I want my concept torn apart. I've no idea why there is no discussion afterwards, maybe others are afraid the issues of their designs might come out? I would also expect an exchange of opinions, but some made it so toxic it is likely not going to happen. Anyway, I hope you don't mind discussing a bit more. I've neither knowledge nor a feeling for materials. My idea for spaced construction was structural steel. Something akin to the vertical I (H) beam in the picture. The info on the stiffness growth is quite interesting. 1"-1.2" does seem too weak for a side plate in hindsight. I read somewhere that lower side of the Leopard 2 only has about 1" thickness. Maybe wrong info. I think the weak front hull was indeed an error. Engine should survive impact in the frontal arc of 60 degs. I am satisfied if the rest protects the crew alone, it seems realistic. I don't think any of those can hurt my crew with the setup and the specified angles. I wouldn't bet though. The engine is another thing. Maybe is said it wrongly, the space for engine alone is more than 3 m^3. Actually it is slightly over 4 and the combined area for power pack is 8 m^3. Main idea was the following This is how it was supposed to look like. I initially used EuroPowerPack as an ideal case. It should fit (note the radiator and fans of original engine stretch over the edge of the transmission below). By shifting coolers into sponsons it couldn't be exactly the HSWL 295TM but it is at least a probable combination. Then I compared sizes of older engines. Evidently, German engines are very compact. I also realised that "bits and bobs" wander around designs, I thought, depending on the space available. Such is the case of turbochargers already since ww2. Example in the image below. I don't know enough to account for every component that might be missing from usual photos of the engines. I also realise now that in sponsons it might be a problem to propel the cooling fans. You seem to be right about the space next to the driver. It would actually require narrowing the citadel. Fair point. I admit I never though about the forces and vibrations impacting the ammo. I had two boxes in mind that fill the breech as a assault rifle magazine by being pushed towards the middle from the outer sides by three bars traveling through each of the boxes. That was all quickly made up. I guess more thought would be needed here. I haven't copied the cannon exactly, only the length. I made the thickened part of the barrel too short and pushed the barrel through the trunnion. I don't know why you would call a two axis mount a farce. Maybe technically impossible, but it seems that modern tanks use a single axis only because it is the simplest solution that still does the job. With an auto-loader and shifting bulge already requiring a frame through the middle of the turret and hydraulics significantly reducing the space once occupied by the gearing, why not add a thing more. A wishful thinking perhaps.
  15. The RPG catchers are cage armour that can be attached to the sides not the extra armour plate on the side.
  16. Army Tiger 4.0, a demonstration of various in development and recently adopted equipment was shown off during an exercise at the KCTC. In this video you can see various UGVs, the K808, and the K600, among other bits of kit.
  17. It is said that the man with no name wanders the desert wastes to this day, searching for his fistful of dollars.
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