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  2. Actually, on that, do we have statistical information on how big the average Texan tanker is and what the SDs and max allowable height is? I'm sure I can accommodate a corn-fed good ol' boy but it would be easier to not have to
  3. At the same time, as you point out, guns bigger than 5-inch are a hard sell. They virtually demand an autoloader (and in the back of their heads people expect Texas to field these guns with caveman HE, it's just their style), and the compromises get out of control fast on a tank that already demands quite a bit of internal volume.
  4. Pretty much every contestant knows they're trying to beat the Norman, and on top of that everyone else. The Norman comes out of the gate with a 105 and it's public knowledge that @N-L-M planned a semi-canon 125mm for it. So while you could technically qualify with a ~4 inch gun, I anticipate that everyone will blow all the requirements out of the water - which is very normal for an SH competition.
  5. Fair enough. I don't see a huge advantage to going much bigger than 120/125/5" unless it's for a pure HEAT-chucker -- even with armor protection where it stands in 2021, it's still possible to make suitable gun and dart in 120mm caliber that provides sufficient performance. Further, the armor penetration requirements are more than suitably met with a ~125mm caliber HEAT charge, even a high velocity one, with substantial growth margin as improvements in warhead design come to fruition, and it's a pain in the ass to manhandle anything bigger than about 5" into the tank. Even 105mm dummy rounds a
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  7. As I am a judge on this competition, I cannot win, and therefore I feel free to make a bit more of a joke submission. I considered the fully upgraded Norman, as a totally-not-industrial-espionage-honest-guv deal, or a set of 3, 2-man tanks under a tarp, one with an ATGM for the armor performance, one with an RR for the anti infantry performance, and one with an autocannon (and all with both fixed and coax MGs) for that sweet sweet automatic firepower. I ended up deciding on something which is both more ridiculous and yet also much more sensible, stay tuned.
  8. From the British army twitter account:
  9. On par lethality, depending on the ammunition the UK procures. But a big congrats either way.
  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/british-army-to-possess-most-lethal-tank-in-europe
  11. @Wiedzmin what you identify there as "plate" in the top picture is actually the ceramic-based add-on module (which might be encased in steel) present in the IFV version but not mounted on the APC shown in the middle picture. I know its the IFV because that scene showed that and also the little fixed hooks around the driver´s hatch. What you identify as "flange" is actually the base aluminium plate. In the first picture it can be seen clearly that the add-on module and the aluminium plate are of approximately the same thickness and the closeups we have on the composite show that its clearly ab
  12. I spent far too long last night designing a gyro-stabilized gun sight, but in the process I was able to find a cute application that allowed me to rough out the configuration of planes, mirrors and lenses: https://ricktu288.github.io/ray-optics/simulator/
  13. A quick update on the gun, the current iteration of dart is doing north of 16" RHAe at 2000 yards. It seems that the decision to use an auto-loaded 5" gun was not especially unwise, although it seems to be larger than the guns discussed previously. That should provide substantial margin for growth.
  14. I'm way better at weldments than I am at casting. Plus there's this bigass rolling mill lying around.
  15. The hull is coming along nicely so far -- I have all the gubbins modeled, I just need to make up an NX assembly for them. I'm dreading linking up the tracks again, that took me like two damn days last time. And with the armor array in place. Zero guesses for how much of a NATO box tank this thing is going to be.
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