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  1. Comrades! The time of your waiting is over! I introduce to you the Sierra Nevada VagonZavod AFV-50 Gun Tank Frontal Dimensions Frontal Armor Turret Cheek Armor Array (not to scale) Top/Side Vital Statistics(as pictured): Weight : 52.6 Metric Tons Crew: 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver) Length (hull/OAL gun forward): 6.9m/9.3m Width: 3.9m Height: 2.4m Engine: Twin Turbocharged+Supercharged V-12 Diesel (880kw/1180hp) 16.73kw/tonne / 22.4hp/tonne >70 kph on road Armament: 125mm L/48 auto-l
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  2. LoooSeR

    Turkish touch

    Pretty serious modernisation kit. Still getting lulz on how Soviet Rain APS managed to get to NATO member.
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  3. Some Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) pictures, if I understand the symbols correctly the bridge is rated for 95 tons.
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  4. T___A

    Competition: Californium 2250

    Attention trans ladies, natal-ladies, and other, equally valid genders It is I, Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII. I want to talk to you today about bisexuality in ammunition. As you all know bisexuality is the worst possible sexual orientation. Even worse than heterosexuality! For being a bisseuxal means you are at best confused and at worse a traitor to LGBTQQIP2SAA people everywhere. You may ask: Why do we then keep the B in the holy acronym? Because for the same reason the Christians--toxic they may be--still regarded Judas as an Apostle. So t
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  5. Why not ? it’s useful.
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